August 4, 2017

Hot Tub Jetting and Chronic Neck Pain

It’s no secret that sore muscle relief is among the many benefits of hydrotherapy. Using hot tub jetting strategically can maximize these benefits, especially when it comes to alleviating chronic neck pain. The science behind this speaks for itself: The pressure of hot tub jets increases the blood flow to the neck muscles, which in turn speeds up removal of metabolic wastes and lactic acids.

Pain varies or course, but consider that even the foundational issue of regular tension in the neck is important to address. It could be that you don’t even notice the effects of daily factors – such as poor posture, too much screen time, or even minor exercise related tension – until what began as occasional tension gradually becomes unavoidable pain. An injury can also exaggerate pre-existing tension that you were unaware of.

To minimize or prevent chronic neck pain, soak in your Beachcomber hot tub on a regular basis and keep the following in mind:


Choosing the best placement and configuration of the Beachcomber Flexjet options for your therapeutic needs is important to maximize your relief:

Whether you want a deep, penetrating massage effect targeted specifically toward your neck pain, or a calm, pulsating effect for soothing minor tension, the multiple Flexjet configurations will provide your solution.

Compare the Roto, Vortex, and Massage Flexjets in our previous blog article: How Beachcomber’s Flexjet Massage Therapy System Enhances Your Hot Tub Experience


Consider the strength of water pressure:

The oscillating, targeted high-pressure massage of the Roto Flexjet provides maximum impact for tension relief. The Vortex Flexjet also provides a targeted deep tissue massage, but with a slightly different combination of air and water pressure. And the Massage Flexjet combines the power of both directional and full motion techniques working together, to penetrate deep into muscle tissue. The perfect combination for you will be specific to your personal amount of tension or pain, as well as to your problem areas, so make sure to do your research before you decide!


Consistency is key:

Aim for a 30 minute soak every night, or every other night, to maintain the health benefits of Flexjet technology on alleviating neck pain. Increase the duration of your standard soaking time after activities that exert the neck muscles, such as a strenuous workout or long periods of driving. And if you’re short on time, shorten the duration of your soak (maybe to 10-15 minutes), but make it a priority to soak regularly, with a focus on your neck massage.


Post soak stretching:

Take advantage of the greater pliability of neck muscles after a soaking session and do some slow stretches of your neck to extend the benefits of the massaging jets. Soft rolling motions will help to extend the period of increased blood flow to the muscles, and also help to break down scar tissue build up if you’ve ever suffered a whiplash injury. Of course, it’s import to consult a physician before starting any type of regular physical program, stretching included.

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