December 8, 2016

Featuring: Beachcomber’s Floating Puck Dispenser

Remembering to add chemicals to your hot tub water on a daily basis can be difficult. Although seemingly trivial, a daily dose of chlorine, bromine or whatever system you use is incredibly important for keeping your water clean and clear.

A Hot Tub Water Care Solution

Beachcomber’s extremely simple solution to this problem has revolutionized the mechanics of water care. With our Floating Puck Dispenser, all you need to do is add chemicals to the container and let the dispenser do the rest.

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide for using it:

  1. Simply unscrew (counter clockwise) the bottom barrel and load chemical pucks.
  2. Once you have screwed the bottom barrel back on, you then just have to tighten the locking nut.
  3. Adjust the barrel so it’s barely open (2-3 open slots) then adjust accordingly. (The larger the opening the more chlorine/bromine will be dispensed.)

This Floating Puck Dispenser is only for water care products that come in the form of pucks (only Bromine and Chlorine).

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