August 25, 2016

Featuring Beachcomber’s 321 Hot Tub Model

Being the smallest model in our line-up, the 321 LEEP model is really a force to be reckoned with. Its slick, plug and play design makes setting up your hot tub a breeze! Being the only circularly designed tub in our line-up makes it the perfect model for quaint backyards or decks. With plenty of space for 5 people, this round Beachcomber model is a great place to relax or mingle. An added feature of this hot tub is its spacious footwell, allowing everyone in your hot tub to be comfortable, as well as safe when entering and exiting the tub.

The 321 hot tub by Beachcomber

Along with being a smaller, round model, the 321 LEEP is our most cost-effective tub, with a cost of only $13 a month on your electricity bill. But don’t let its size fool you… it features 45 customizable jets and 9 water sockets, for an enjoyable therapeutic experience.  Starting at just $5,945, or just $24.81/bi-weekly, it’s a great starter model for a family or couple.

Embrace your new social circle with Beachcomber’s 321 LEEP model. Its simple, elegant design is perfect for smaller spaces and budgets without compromising on luxury and therapy.

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