February 5, 2016

Dangers of Calcium in hot tub water

Dealing with Calcium in your hot tub water is simple and easy, but can be a vital part of maintaining crystal clear water and preventing corrosion. When Calcium levels in your hot tub become too high or too low, it can cause problems with your water, and in your hot tub.

The most common Calcium problem in hot tub water is Calcium Carbonate Scale. Calcium Carbonate Scale is caused by high pH. Hot tub water is volatile because of the turbulence and high temperatures. If pH is too high, calcium can fall out of solution, making the water cloudy.

How to tell if you have a Calcium problem in your hot tub:

Calcium creates a gritty feel to the water, which is called Calcium Scale. This scale can be found deposited onto fixtures like the heater element, jet fixtures, and the acrylic surface. To lower the Calcium levels of your hot tub water, you can either drain and fill your whole hot tub, or do a semi-drain, then add an equal amount of water that has a reasonable calcium level.

In contrast, having low calcium levels in your hot tub water will make the water aggressive and corrosive. The water will seek out calcium to replenish what it needs by eating into the acrylic of your hot tub. Corrosive water can also do severe damage to the mechanical parts of your tub, such as the motor and filtration system.

To guard your hot tub against low Calcium levels, Beachcomber offers a product called PROTECT. It’s a granular calcium product that will quickly raise the Calcium level of your tub.

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