March 10, 2016

Cleaning your Beachcomber Microfilter

There’s nothing worse than sliding back your hot tub cover to find dirty water. The key to maintaining clear water is to make a habit of cleaning the hot tub Microfilter about once a month. Maintaining a clean filter is easy to do and can prevent many potential problems with your water. Having a dirty Microfilter hinders its ability to properly capture debris in your water.


4 simple steps for cleaning your hot tub Microfilter:

  1. Remove the filter cap and take out the Microfilter cartridge.
  1. Thoroughly hose down the Microfilter until all visible dirt is removed.
  1. Put your Microfilter into a Filter Cleaning canister and soak your Microfilter in either Filter Pure or Filter Cure for 24 hours. Alternate monthly cleaning with Filter Pure or Filter Cure, but never mix the two cleaners together.

*Beachcomber Hot Tip! The Filter Cleaning Canister has a built in brush that makes cleaning your filter easier. It is designed perfectly for the Microfilter to fit inside.

  1. Before replacing the Microfilter back in your hot tub, add a Filter Saver over the top of Microfilter basket and floating weir. This traps debris before it enters the Microfilter or heater. It’s a great product for areas where your hot tub is exposed to a lot of leaves, branches and other airborne debris.


A clean Microfilter ensures clean water, better circulation, lower sanitizer consumption and better overall performance. Although it’s hidden in an isolated reservoir, the Microfilter is critical for filtering out contaminants from the water and protecting the pumping equipment.




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