March 22, 2016

Chlorine vs. Bromine

Don’t be fooled by ‘Miracle Treatment Products’; Chlorine (Cl) and Bromine (Br) are the only two elements on Earth that are both a sanitizer (kills bacteria) and an oxidizer (burns off dead material).  Although these two treatments perform the same task of providing clean and clear water, they are different from one another and each have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Comparing the Pros and Cons of Chlorine & Bromine for hot tubs

Advantages of Chlorine (Cl)

Chlorine products tend to be more cost effective

Chlorine used for hot tubs is typically stabilized which protects it from UV rays

Chlorine is very fast acting and strong

Disadvantages of Chlorine (Cl)

When there is not enough chlorine to perform the oxidizing duties, chloramines are not burned off which are then responsible for a pungent smell and the irritation of skin and eyes which many people confuse with too much chlorine or an allergic reaction.

Advantages of Bromine (Br)

Bromine is more effective at higher temperatures and higher pH levels which are typical of a hot tub.

Bromine products do not bleach surfaces as quickly when there is accidental contact

Bromines are not as irritating or odourous as chloramines and remain effective sanitizers

Disadvantages of Bromine (Br)

Bromine requires a higher level than Chlorine to perform the same responsibilities which also increases the cost of use




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