February 14, 2018

Celebrating 40 Years Of Putting Families First!

On February 14th, 1978, Beachcomber Hot Tubs was founded and incorporated by Keith & Judy Scott. 40 years later today, Beachcomber is an internationally-renowned brand, selling award-winning hot tubs, accessories, and water care products worldwide.


On our 40th anniversary, we are looking back to where it all began.

The beginning of Beachcomber Hot Tubs

Keith Scott was inspired by his childhood working in the family restaurant his mom and dad started outside of Vancouver, BC. There, he learned the value of quality and outstanding service in creating lasting relationships with customers. After working in the pool industry, Keith noticed a gap in quality in the then emerging hot tub and home spa marketplace. Keith, along with his wife Judy, was determined to build something better, and started Beachcomber Hot Tubs with a simple goal: to build the best quality hot tub in the world.

The Evolution of a Quality Brand

It started with the manufacturing of hot tub shells, delivered along with a package of pumps and plumbing parts, that allowed customers to put the pieces together themselves at home, but this process was still unsatisfactory. Next, Beachcomber began building portable models, following the standard construction model of housing the equipment inside the cavity. We have continued to evolve this model into our LEEP construction, building the leaders in energy efficient portables through continuous innovation.

It was during this time in the early 1980s that Beachcomber’s world-famous Hybrid construction was born, revolutionizing the industry. The idea, which may have seemed a little crazy at the time, was to move the power equipment outside of the cavity and under the steps of the hot tub. This allowed all 4 walls of the interior to be 100% insulated, delivering never-before-seen energy efficiency in our industry. The importance? With heat retained at a much higher level, our hot tubs have continuously been among the least expensive to operate for owners, making them an unmatched long-term investment.


Looking to The Future

Today, Beachcomber continues to build hot tubs following the same principles of the past 40 years. Every model we produce is constructed by hand from within our Surrey, BC factory by a team of local craftspeople and engineers who are committed to maintaining the durability, comfort, quality, and value that only the name Beachcomber can represent. 40 years later, we are still a family business, in the business of putting families first. And thanks to families across Canada, the United States, and worldwide, putting their trust into choosing a Beachcomber for their home, we continue to do what we love.





Thank you for making our success possible. Here is to the next 40 years of adding health and happiness to your home!

One thought on “Celebrating 40 Years Of Putting Families First!

  1. Keith Scott says:

    Keith and Judy Scott would like to thank the clients who supported Beachcomber from our very first hot tub sale in February 1978. The Scott Family has been blessed from all the support we have received in the past 40 years at every level, first we want you to know we love our clients who took the time to educate their-selves to “Buy a Beachcomber Hot Tub”, we never compromise our hot tubs as we always use the spa industry parts suppliers best designed parts, this care has made it possible to build the Finest Quality hot tub/spa and Best Value hot tub/spa on this planet earth, also we want the Beachcomber Associates working inside the Beachcomber Company that we know you did their very best to continually support our Beachcomber Owners Investment, thank you all.
    Looking back up to the article by Peter Grant to the late 1970’s building Beachcombers first building investment in the photo, the Scott Family want to introduce from left to right of Leon Lahay, Keith Scott and Bill Mosdell, it makes me think how fast time flies when you love what you do for a living in building Beachcomber to become a fine brand that hold the best value position, we thank you all very much, Keith and Judy Scott Beachcomber Founder Since 1978.

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