• Why Families Love Hot Tubs (And Yours Will Too)!

    Why Families Love Hot Tubs (And Yours Will Too)!

    When it comes to time that’s just for ‘you’, there’s nothing quite like a hot tub. After finishing a long day at the office, a grueling workout, or after you’ve finally gotten the kids to bed, it’s the perfect at-home sanctuary to take just 10-15 minutes that can totally be about giving back to yourself.

    Beyond the therapeutic benefits, hot tubs also provide an amazing refuge in households that are looking to carve out more moments for ‘us’ to all enjoy. Without even realizing it, you and your family are facing a battle each day to really spend some quality time together. In a recent study, 9 in 10 parents admit that the time they are spending daily together as a family is often filled with distractions.


    How can a family hot tub change things up in your household?

    Add a Hot Tub Soak to Your Routine.

    Today’s society is fast-paced, and often family-time gets pushed to the bottom of the priority list. Blocking time for a soak in a spa can slow things down and allow a family to communicate in a calm environment, in a setting that brings everyone face-to-face.

    Enjoy the Difference of Time That’s Device-Free

    Unlike sitting in the living room, a hot tub invites everyone to be totally engaged with one another in their environment, free of distractions from smart phones, tablets, television, and the internet.

    Create the Best Environment For Everyone To Enjoy

    With a Beachcomber Summer Special Edition Hot Tub, you can enjoy enhanced features such as Bluetooth Air Connect Surround Sound and a cascading waterfall, to make the hot tub even more lively and exciting for kids of all ages to come and enjoy.

    Make Sure There’s Room For Everyone

    Finally, if you are a family of five, make sure you don’t go with a small two seater hot tub if you’re looking for ways to spend more time together. Find a spacious model that allows everyone to stretch out and relax in.


    What’s life really like for Beachcomber Families? Just hear for yourself…


    We love our tub for family gatherings. It’s a social experience and important for family time so that we can all spend time talking and not staring at our screens.” – Bernadette L. – Lethbridge, AB

    I gave up a Florida vacation to purchase my Beachcomber Hot Tub. This is the best thing I ever did. My family and I really enjoy it and use it almost every single day. It’s one of the best purchases we ever made. – Dale A. – Owen Sound, ON

  • Beachcomber Hot Tubs Customer Testimonial

    Beachcomber Hot Tubs Customer Testimonial

    This customer from Coquitlam, B.C. was happy to tell us about their Beachcomber experience. She was in-store to look at her 2nd Beachcomber Hot Tub. Her first tub lasted 30 or so years!

    She was very pleased with the service received, and was excited to receive her new hot tub before Christmas so her family could enjoy the tub through the holidays.

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  • Green Water – What causes it and how to fix it?

    Green Water – What causes it and how to fix it?

    Removing your cover only to reveal a hot tub full of green water can be quite a shock. While dumping in a ton of chemicals is a common initial reaction, it’s best to take a moment to regain your thoughts before acting.

    Green water is the result of an algae bloom. While there are a few potential culprits, a lack of chlorine is the most prevalent offender in hot tub water cases. Without chlorine to disinfect the water, algae is able to proliferate. Once there is enough of it in your hot tub, the blooming process is just about inevitable. Once green, your water is unsafe to bathe in and will become a spawning ground for insects if left uncared for.

    Fixing Green Hot Tub Water

    A 2nd reason how green water can grow in a hot tub is because of large amounts of pollen. If your hot tub is in an area with a significant amount of natural surrounds or is left for long periods of time without a cover, pollen will build-up in the water. Because it’s able to bypass the filters, it builds-up in the water. Once enough of it has nestled its way into the tub’s pumping system, your water turns green.


    Green water caused by a lack of chlorine should be treated with a shocking treatment of chlorine and algaecide. This treatment in your hot tub will make your water go initially cloudy, then clear up once the algae is killed.

    For cases when the green water is caused by pollen, it’s a little more difficult to deal with. Adding a filter sock over your filter will help catch some pollen, while using a clarifying agent such as Clean ‘N Clear will do the rest. Once done, if your water hasn’t returned to its natural colour, you’ll have to drain the tub. Once drained, be sure to thoroughly wipe down the entire surface of the hot tub.

    Remember to always test your hot tub water every few weeks to prevent such occurrences as this.


      Shop Water Care, Parts, and Accessories Online! 

      Free shipping on all orders over $100.00


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    • Beachcomber Hot Tubs Customer Testimonial

      Beachcomber Hot Tubs Customer Testimonial

      This couple from Coquitlam, B.C. talks about the great service they received, pre and post sale, from their Beachcomber Hot Tub dealer. They were pleased by the caring service provided to them by the staff at Beachcomber Hot Tubs in Coquitlam.

      Why Choose Beachcomber Hot Tubs

      They’ve been surprised how much their daughters like playing in the hot tub, and love how they’re able to entertain friends and family with it.

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    • Cleartech UVC Water Care System explained

      Cleartech UVC Water Care System explained

      Supplying your hot tub with the correct amount of water care products can be expensive. Every few months it can cost upwards of $150-200 to maintain healthy, clear water. Adding a Cleartech UVC Water Care system can significantly reduce the amount of traditional water products you need to use in your tub and allow longer intervals between draining your hot tub.

      The Difference of Beachcomber Hot Tubs’ ClearTech UVC Sterilization

      How it works?

      The Cleartech UVC system works by harnessing the power of UV light to kill harmful bacteria in your water as it is filters through the tub’s plumbing. This system is fully compatible with chlorine-based water care products, and it can help reduce their consumption by up to 50%. It’s also environmentally friendly and produces no chemicals or harmful by-products.

      How it helps?

      The ClearTech™ UVC Sterilization System does not eliminate the need for water care products, however, it will extend the life of your products and water by eliminating bacteria, viruses, and lowering Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) present in your water 24/7. This allows the chlorine residual to oxidize which reduces any prevalent odours or skin irritation from chloramines.

      *Beachcomber Hot Tub Tip: Before purchasing a hot tub be sure you ask your salesperson about having your tub “ClearTech ready”. Currently only Beachcomber Hybrid3™ and Hybrid4™ hot tubs are able to carry this feature and not our LEEP™ tubs.

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    • Removing and preventing white flakes in your hot tub

      Removing and preventing white flakes in your hot tub

      Nothing ruins a soak in your hot tub faster than noticing that your water is dirty. Although your tub’s Beachcomber Microfilter constantly cycles and cleans the water, there are pollutants that can’t be filtered out. These pollutants include calcium scale deposits and biofilm growth from white water mold. One sure sign of these being present in your hot tub water are floating white flakes.

      Hot Tub White Flakes


      Calcium Scale is the most likely culprit for creating white flakes in your hot tub water. It occurs only when there’s an excess of calcium in the water, also known as “hard water”.

      Biofilm is very common in hot tub water. It is mainly comprised of organic materials shed by those using the hot tub, along with other natural materials. If you leave your hot tub unattended or unused for extended periods of time, this type of mold tends to grow inside and produce white flakes. Although these flakes can be quite nuisance, it can be easily avoided through proper water care.


      Ridding your tub of the white flakes due to calcium scale simply comes down to balancing your water. If your pH is too high, calcium scale will begin to form. To lower the pH, simply add “Beachcomber pH Minus” to your water. It’s critical that you test your hot tub water every few weeks. These tests will help you maintain clear water without too much extra effort.

      White water mold is a very easily solved through keeping your hot tub clean. White water mold only grows in tubs that have not been cleaned, treated and circulated with chemicals in several months. Another way to prevent this type of mold is to thoroughly clean your Beachcomber Microfilter every few weeks. Alternate Beachcomber’s “Filter Clean” and “Filter Pure” products to clean your MicroFilter for best results.



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    • Introducing Beachcomber’s Hydronic Radiant Heat System

      Introducing Beachcomber’s Hydronic Radiant Heat System

      Beachcomber’s goal is to deliver great quality hydrotherapy while consuming the least amount of energy possible. Beachcomber’s Hydronic Radiant Heat (HRH) system is one of the methods used to accomplish this.

      Beachcomber Hot Tubs’ Energy Saving Technology

      Our engineers recognized that the hundreds of meters of plumbing inside our hot tubs could be used as a source of heat.  They devised the HRH system to recycle the heat of the plumbing, rather than just let it escape into the environment. They accomplished this by laying the plumbing tubes directly on the hot tub shell, creating a thermal blanket around the shell of the hot tub. This heating system both keeps your energy bills down and prevents the tubing from freezing in the winter.

      This system, coupled with our 100% Cavity Sealed Insulation, provides our customers up to a 27% reduction in energy loss compared with other model hot tubs.

      This is yet another example of how Beachcomber Hot Tubs manufactures the finest quality and best value hot tubs on the market today.

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