• Celebrating 40 Years Of Putting Families First!

    Celebrating 40 Years Of Putting Families First!

    On February 14th, 1978, Beachcomber Hot Tubs was founded and incorporated by Keith & Judy Scott. 40 years later today, Beachcomber is an internationally-renowned brand, selling award-winning hot tubs, accessories, and water care products worldwide.


    On our 40th anniversary, we are looking back to where it all began.

    The beginning of Beachcomber Hot Tubs

    Keith Scott was inspired by his childhood working in the family restaurant his mom and dad started outside of Vancouver, BC. There, he learned the value of quality and outstanding service in creating lasting relationships with customers. After working in the pool industry, Keith noticed a gap in quality in the then emerging hot tub and home spa marketplace. Keith, along with his wife Judy, was determined to build something better, and started Beachcomber Hot Tubs with a simple goal: to build the best quality hot tub in the world.

    The Evolution of a Quality Brand

    It started with the manufacturing of hot tub shells, delivered along with a package of pumps and plumbing parts, that allowed customers to put the pieces together themselves at home, but this process was still unsatisfactory. Next, Beachcomber began building portable models, following the standard construction model of housing the equipment inside the cavity. We have continued to evolve this model into our LEEP construction, building the leaders in energy efficient portables through continuous innovation.

    It was during this time in the early 1980s that Beachcomber’s world-famous Hybrid construction was born, revolutionizing the industry. The idea, which may have seemed a little crazy at the time, was to move the power equipment outside of the cavity and under the steps of the hot tub. This allowed all 4 walls of the interior to be 100% insulated, delivering never-before-seen energy efficiency in our industry. The importance? With heat retained at a much higher level, our hot tubs have continuously been among the least expensive to operate for owners, making them an unmatched long-term investment.


    Looking to The Future

    Today, Beachcomber continues to build hot tubs following the same principles of the past 40 years. Every model we produce is constructed by hand from within our Surrey, BC factory by a team of local craftspeople and engineers who are committed to maintaining the durability, comfort, quality, and value that only the name Beachcomber can represent. 40 years later, we are still a family business, in the business of putting families first. And thanks to families across Canada, the United States, and worldwide, putting their trust into choosing a Beachcomber for their home, we continue to do what we love.





    Thank you for making our success possible. Here is to the next 40 years of adding health and happiness to your home!

  • Finding the Right Hot Tub When Space is Tight

    Finding the Right Hot Tub When Space is Tight

    If you don’t have one already, a hot tub is likely high on your wish list, but may also seem impossible if your backyard space is limited.

    Before you write off your dream backyard oasis, consider the versatility of a smaller footprint tub. Finding a hot tub that fits into a tighter space requires some foresight and planning but it certainly doesn’t mean that you’ll have to sacrifice on massage capacity or comfort. By measuring your space carefully and factoring in the tips found in the Pre-Delivery Guide and checklist, you can find the Beachcomber that’s perfect for your space. The new Limited Edition models are ideal for tight spaces – both the 540 and 710 are small footprint tubs, fully loaded with premium features and maximum jets. To help you choose your preferred model, consider also the location that you plan to place it in. The surface ground for installation can vary from wood decking to a cement pad or interlocking patio bricks. Paired with creative landscaping, thoughtful placement can make even a small outdoor nook feel like your private backyard oasis.

    Thoughtful placement of your hot tub for space efficiency

    While deciding on the location of your hot tub, remember that you’ll get more enjoyment from it when it’s about 10 feet from your back door, for quick and easy access. Also ask yourself the following questions:

    • Who will get the most use out of the hot tub? If you have small children, safety will undoubtedly be one of your top concerns, so factor in any railings, shrubs, trees or overhanging gutters as obstacles, when planning placement for space efficiency.
    • Will you be inviting friends out to enjoy it? Is seclusion your main goal? Or would you prefer a more central location?
    • Will you have to install any privacy features? A small space can lend itself well to a cozy hot tub installation, but you may have to think about shielding accessories such as patio umbrellas or strategic shrub placement.


    Remember to plan your delivery route as well, for a smooth and efficient installation process. And once you’ve checked everything off your planning checklist, put aside concerns about space and remember that beautiful summer nights and long winters provide the perfect setting for relaxation under the stars in a space efficient Limited Edition Beachcomber!

  • Why You Should Invest in a Hot Tub Over a Vacation

    Why You Should Invest in a Hot Tub Over a Vacation

    While counting down to an annual or semi-annual vacation can inject some excitement into the daily grind, it may not be the best choice for sustained fulfillment. Memories can last a lifetime, this part is true, but isn’t it better to create those memories on an ongoing basis, rather than wringing them from experiences that happen once a year on vacation? If your family has a tradition of a visiting a particular destination, it may be hard to break from that tradition. But check out some comparison points below.

    Consider the benefits of a hot tub investment over a vacation, to create new traditions for 2018!


    Enjoyment Frequency 

    A Beachcomber can last 15 to 20 years or longer with proper maintenance and water care. Vacations, on the other hand, are unfortunately never quite long enough. There is also much less planning and fewer logistical factors with a one time hot tub purchase, when compared to those involved in planning a vacation.



    A hot tub provides daily or at least weekly opportunity for relaxation, meditation, connection and socialization with family, friends and neighbors. Depending on where vacation leads you (think calorie laden buffets in Vegas or boozy drinks and sunburns on an all-inclusive beach week), these getaways may have the opposite effect on your health.


    Connection and Reflection

    There is nothing quite like soothing warm water and the pressure of jets upon sore muscles to help you reflect on emotional and physical wellness. Meditating in your hot tub on a regular basis can also help you achieve mental clarity and psychological health.

    The distance and time away of a vacation can bring you clear-eyed perspective as well, which is useful in re-evaluating goals and determining what matters. But the problem is that resolutions discovered while away can often be lost in the frantic pace of the day-to-day back home.


    Of course, a major factor in crunching the numbers to compare the two purchases (hot tub vs vacation), is the extravagance and cost of the trips that you take. But regardless, the consistency of a hot tub does a better job than vacations in maintaining the health, relationships, and mental clarity that contribute to happiness, making it a better lifetime investment overall.

  • Why Energy Efficiency Is So Important For A Hot Tub

    Why Energy Efficiency Is So Important For A Hot Tub

    Looking To Keep Warm This Winter?

    A common claim across hot tub manufacturers is how much more energy efficient their hot tubs are compared to the competition. While all brands claim to be the leader in the market, how can they back this up?

    Let’s talk hot tub insulation

    As you comparatively shop, start asking yourself: “Am I really looking at a fully foamed spa?”

    Back in the ’80s, spas were built with absolutely zero insulation, and some companies continue to cut corners here. On budget spas you’ll often see insulations practices like using trapped air or a small layer of foam on the back side of the interior shell. You wouldn’t build a home without insulated walls, right? Just like Beachcomber wouldn’t build a hot tub without 100% cavity-filled insulation.

    Brands that use these methods do it for one reason: it’s cheaper for them. When it comes to owning one however, even if you’ve saved on the sticker price, you’ll be losing big every month when you look at operating costs.

    Fully foaming the interior cavity of the spa continues to be the most important element in minimizing heat loss and maximizing efficiency; and it’s something that Beachcomber continues to be the industry leader in.

    With our Hybrid Technology, Beachcomber took things to the next level by taking the interior equipment and moving it outside the hot tub cavity and under the step. This has allowed us to insulate all four walls of the hot tub, blocking moisture and heat from escaping the shell on all sides. The insulation we use is a specially formulated foam product that is made right in our British Columbia factory and expands to fill the entire space within the hot tub. It’s something you’ll see across Beachcomber models, and across price points.

    Along with saving you money on energy costs, the insulation allows the interior equipment to run at a consistent proper temperature which ensures long equipment life, and maintains your desired water temperature.

    Nearly 40 years after we began revolutionizing the industry with hot tub insulation, Hybrid continues to carry on our proud tradition of technological excellence.

    Want to see how much operating your Beachcomber could be? We offer a Hot Tub Energy Calculator for prospective owners to estimate their energy usage based on their location and the model they choose.

  • Beachcomber Customer Referral Program

    Beachcomber Customer Referral Program

    With our Beachcomber family of customers constantly growing, we love offering existing customers the opportunity to recommend Beachcomber to their friends and family. Our Customer Referral Program supports you spreading the word – refer a friend and receive a $300 Gift Certificate* when your referral purchases any Beachcomber Hot Tub!


    * Printed form available at participating Beachcomber locations, and redeemable for Water Care & accessory products. Conditions apply.


  • Pick Up a Summer Special Edition Tub Before It’s Too Late!

    Pick Up a Summer Special Edition Tub Before It’s Too Late!

    With Back to School right around the corner, routine will start creeping back into our schedules very soon. And in what seems like a happy coincidence, the Beachcomber Summer Special Edition hot tubs are available until September 14th!

    As recent studies have shown, screen time has overtaken an increasing proportion of leisure time, or hours traditionally spent as a family. These rates only increase in the colder months, when less outdoor activities are available. Giving a nod to the communal campfire warmth that inspired the Beachcomber story, the Special Edition tubs can help you transition into the Fall without sacrificing the warmth and bonding opportunities of summer.

    Each spacious Summer Edition Model – the 750, 590 & 380 — has plenty of room for hosting gatherings of friends and family, with a model applicable to each budget range, and packed with special features.

    Don’t let the next couple weeks pass you by without taking advantage of the amazing Summer Special Edition package – with up to 32% in savings!


    Included in the Summer Edition hot tub package are the following features:


    Air Connect

    Create the perfect soundtrack with Bluetooth technology that connects to your smartphone and Bluetooth enabled music devices.

    Value: $1198


    Roman Arch Waterfall

    Experience soothing ambience and relaxation with cascading water down your neck and back.

    Value: $399


    Eclipse LED Lighting

    A cascading display of LED lights at your fingertips for the perfect evening atmosphere.

    Value: $599


    Premium Guarantee

    5 full years of Guarantee coverage on all major components of your hot tub.

    Value: $599


    Consider Labour Day as a perfect opportunity to host an end-of-summer gathering that unites family and friends in your new Summer Special Edition hot tub, over stories of summer vacation highlights and plans for the school year ahead!

  • Take Advantage of the Final Days of the August Financing Promo!

    Take Advantage of the Final Days of the August Financing Promo!

    As summer draws nearer to a close, are you stocking your deep freezer with popsicles to last you through the winter? A wiser approach would be to take quick advantage of the August Financing Promotion, if you haven’t done so already!

    Only available until August 31st, the August Financing Promotion offers the opportunity to finance your hot tub purchase and make no payments for the next 6 months (until 2018). You do have the option to pay off your balance right away; otherwise set up super low bi-weekly payments. And approval is usually instant.


    Owning a hot tub can cost less than a popsicle

     (At the overpriced ice cream truck rate, that is). With that level of affordability, what other questions/concerns might you have?



    Maybe concerns about the payment schedule?

    Rest assured that you can make additional payments any time without penalty.


    Wondering about rates?

    You can get a lower payment by choosing an amortization period of up to 180 months.


    Questioning the security level?

    Bank-level encryption in the application keeps your personal information protected.


    Imagining hidden fees?

    There is a small one time processing fee, but no additional costs or hidden agendas!

    *Conditions apply. Available online & at participating stores only. 

  • Buy Your Beachcomber Today & Pay Nothing Until 2018!

    Buy Your Beachcomber Today & Pay Nothing Until 2018!

    For the month of August only, you can buy a Beachcomber Hot Tub today, and pay nothing until 2018 when you sign up for our Easy Financing program!

    By financing your hot tub, you’ll enjoy no payments for your first 6 months. Then, you can set-up super low bi-weekly payments that work with your budget or pay off your total balance right away – the choice is all yours!


    Owning a hot tub can cost less than a cup of coffee a day, with nearly instant approval!


    Why Finance? 


    Fair & Flexible
    Make additional payments any time without penalty


    Easy & Affordable
    Get a lower payment by choosing an amortization period of up to 180 months


    Private & Secure
    Bank-level encryption to protect your personal information


    Upfront & Open
    We add a small fee to the loan amount. There are no hidden or additional charges


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