How To Narrow Down Your Options

    You have made the decision to buy a hot tub. You’re now on the path to owning and loving an investment that you and your family can enjoy for years and years to come, but the next steps you take are critical. How can you be sure you are getting the best deal for your money? And with so many hot tub manufacturers and models to choose from, how can you be sure you are buying the best possible hot tub for you?

    The Questions You Need To Ask When Shopping For A Hot Tub


    In order to narrow down your options, follow the steps below:


    #1: What’s my budget?

    Hot tub pricing can vary from $4,000 to up to $25,000 depending on the retailer. Different price points reflect different features, jetting, and size, but most often come down to the quality in the construction.

    Beachcomber Tip:

    Go with the manufacturer you think has the best reputation from current owners. Look at reviews of the specific models that align with your budget and be willing to let go of certain add-on features or a larger size if it means avoiding a less reputable, budget hot tub manufacturer. When you go for a lower price point hot tub, you’re looking at a very short-term no-frills experience. Hot tubs at the price at or below $6,000 most often are so poorly insulated you’ll end up paying far more in the long run to operate them.


    #2: What are my biggest must-have features?

    With so much to choose from in add-on features and hot tub model configurations, it’s important you think about what matters most to you in your purchase prior to stepping into a showroom or speaking to a representative. What will you be using it for? Hydrotherapy for muscle pain? Socializing? Think hard about your expectations so you won’t end up disappointed.

    Beachcomber Tip:

    When you’re comparing your budget to the models available, we recommend that you make a list of “must-haves” vs. “nice-to-haves”. These lists will help you understand the available options in the price range with your “must-have” amenities.


    #3: When do I want my hot tub by?

    Much like shopping for a car, most hot tub manufacturers offer the ability to customize your order with the features and finishes you choose. Be aware that this can not only impact your bottom line, but also the timeline in which your chosen model will be available to ship. If you want a hot tub for the fall, start shopping earlier in the summer to allow 6-8 weeks for construction and delivery. Many manufacturers, including Beachcomber Hot Tubs, also offer quick ship models that are pre-built and ready to ship in just days, however be prepared to be more limited in your options should you choose this route.

    Beachcomber Tip:

    Sometimes, we hear prospective owners delaying on their purchase time in order to get more prepared financially for the investment. One alternative option is hot tub financing. We offer prospective owners the ability to set-up a  bi-weekly payment structure for their purchase, with the option to add additional payments at any time with zero penalty. This way you can enjoy your hot tub sooner, without over stretching yourself financially.





    A Beachcomber Hot Tub is a place you can relax and enjoy with friends and family, or alone for a therapeutic soak. It’s the perfect accessory to a healthy lifestyle, and for staying connected with those you love. But what accessories do you really need to make your hot tub experience complete? This month only, you have the chance to make big enhancements to your hot tub, for way less, with over 50% off our Family Bundle Upgrade!


    Here’s a quick guide to our accessory products, and how they’ll help make your hot tub the staycation of your dreams all year long:

    Slide ‘N Store X-Treme Cover Lifter

    Hot tub covers can be heavy, and are susceptible to damage if left to sit on the ground each time you use your hot tub. A hydraulic cover removal system solves both of these problems, allowing you to easily remove and replace your cover, while keeping it safe from damage. This is especially important for frequent hot tub users, and those suffering from chronic back and muscle pains. A well-built, durable hot tub cover lifter is an investment you shouldn’t think twice about making.

    ClearTech UVC Advanced Sterilization

    Traditionally, hot tub water is maintained through added treatment programs to the water in order to balance and clarify. Beachcomber Hot Tubs has developed an easier way for hot tub water treatment, through our ClearTech UVC system upgrade. Harnessing the natural power of the sun’s UV light, this hot tub water sterilization technology alters bacteria in hot tub water rendering it completely harmless and cuts down on your need for traditional sanitizers by up to 50%, while producing no harmful by-products as a result! Less chemicals, less owner upkeep, and even healthier water for you and your family to enjoy.

    Care Free Water Care System

    While ClearTech UVC reduces your need for sanitizer, it does not eliminate the need for water treatment. For this, we have developed a healthier alternative to traditional programs with our Care Free line-up of products. Replacing water conditioners such as sequestering agents, oxidizers, biofilm disruptors, and clarifiers, this 4-in-1 solution delivers the clearest results, with less product and time. It’s important to find a water care system that is manageable and meets your safety standards. Care Free offers the gold standard!  

    Family Towel Set

    Sounds pretty simple doesn’t it? But don’t rely on standard indoor towels for your hot tub and instead enjoy the warm embrace of Beachcomber’s 4 pack of embroidered hot tub towels to make every soaking experience enjoyable from the minute you walk out the door to the minute you step back inside. 



    One of the first questions we hear from potential hot tub buyers is how difficult and costly will installation be? The answer, has as much to do with us, as it does with you, and the preparation steps you take.


    Here are a few ways you can cut down on costs and potential headaches when it comes to bringing a hot tub home.

    Start By Measuring & Surveying Your Available Space

    Before you enter into a hot tub showroom or start looking at models online, make sure you properly measure out the space where you are intending to place the tub. We recommend positioning your outdoor spa close to a door as you want to ensure it is as accessible as possible at all times of the year, (and in all kinds of weather). If you are worried about noise, be sure to choose a model with a dedicated circulation pump that quietly circulates the water 24 hours a day, like the Hush Pump available in Beachcomber Hot Tub models. When measuring, always keep in mind you will need an added space of one to two feet around at least two-sides of the hot tub to allow for maintenance and accommodate accessories.

    Install a GFCI Breaker

    Most hot tub models need a GFCI breaker in North America as they require a 240 V hook-up that is not standard in North American homes. Have this installed by a licensed electrician prior to the delivery of the hot tub, so that you can quickly get your hot tub operating after it’s delivered.

    Ensure A Clear, Level Pathway for a Smooth Install Day

    We highly recommend going through a pre-delivery checklist with a member of our team to ensure you have everything covered in the delivery process. Things to think about include clearance between fences, roofs, and planters, as well as the number of steps to your chosen destination. These potential obstacles can impact what’s required by the delivery team on the day of installation, and by noting and communicating them ahead of time you can save time and money.

    As always, make sure you speak to your local dealer or a member of the Beachcomber Support Team with any specific questions to keep yourself protected from additional fees on delivery day.

  • Why We Don’t Use Real Wood

    Why We Don’t Use Real Wood

    If there’s one thing the Pacific Northwest of Canada is known for it’s the mesmerizing old-growth forests that cover its landscape. As proud residents of this region, Beachcomber’s team has continuously adopted manufacturing practices that have made the local environment a priority.


    Environmentally conscious manufacturing

    A Better Way To Build Hot Tubs

    One such example is in how we build our hot tub cabinetry as part of the complete manufacturing process that takes place 100% inside our Surrey, BC factory. Beachcomber Hot Tubs’ signature Enviroskirt cabinets have been designed to give the look and feel of natural wood, without the need for cutting down trees. Instead, we use a highly-tensile plastic material that looks identical, complete with woodgrain embossing, that also happens to be 100% recyclable!

    Maintenance-Free Hot Tub Ownership

    Beyond the environmental benefits of avoiding deforestation through the commercial use of wood, the tongue and groove, hand-assembled enviroskirt cabinets that come standard across every Beachcomber Hot Tub model are also incredibly durable and maintenance-free. That means, as an owner, you don’t need to worry about weathering or re-staining as your hot tub gets older. The Enviroskirt looks just as good as the day you brought your Beachcomber home.

    For more on Beachcomber Hot Tubs’ sustainable initiatives, including how we are striving to take the need for chemicals out of hot tub water care, read on here.


  • Choosing The Right Add-Ons For Your Hot Tub

    Choosing The Right Add-Ons For Your Hot Tub

    Bringing home a new hot tub is a long-term investment. Choosing the right one can make all the difference between a model that’s okay and fits your basic needs, and finding the absolutely perfect hot tub you and your family will love for years and years to come.

    Once you’ve carefully decided on the right fit model, it’s important to weigh all the available enhancements, and pick carefully from must-haves, nice-to-haves, and don’t needs. Luckily for you, we have some advice to get you started.

    Consider these factors in selecting the add-ons for your hot tub:


    Guarantee & Protection

    It’s important to keep yourself protected in your purchase, and look online for owner reviews on the manufacturers you are considering to get a better sense of product quality. It’s equally important to then ensure you have a full understanding of the protection guarantee that comes with your hot tub. At Beachcomber, we offer lifetime coverage on the structural integrity of the fireglass composite, as well as 2 years on major components of your hot tub standard with purchase. We also offer the opportunity to extend that coverage for another 3 years with our Premium Guarantee. By making this upgrade, you’ll receive 5 years of protection coverage on major components of your hot tub, including the Smart Sense Heater, Enviroskirt Cabinetry, and more.

    Electrical Compatibility & Support

    Almost all hot tub models require a 240V hook-up that is not standard in North America home construction. Therefore, before your hot tub is even delivered, you need to ensure you have a Ground Fault Circuit Breaker installed. Designed for easy installation by a qualified electrician, ensure you consult with a sales specialist to ensure you have the correct Beachcomber GFCI purchased to ensure a smooth installation. The correct size of wire and breaker varies with the distance from the panel to the spa as well as the specs of the pump and heater.

    Water Care

    Once you have the protection coverage and electrical wiring needed for initial installation and peace of mind, your hot tub is almost ready to be enjoyed. The next step is choosing the right water care program. An anxiety of many prospective and new hot tub buyers is the use of harsh chemicals in the water and the safety of the people who are enjoying it. Listening to the community, Beachcomber created our exclusive Care Free water program. Replacing traditional water conditioners, Care Free delivers the healthiest, cleanest water imaginable, with much less product and time. Almost odourless, Care Free Water Care helps maintain a more stable water balance, leaves the water cleaner, and maximize your filter’s performance. Care Free is designed to use in conjunction with Care Free Boost, our sanitizer. Together, they work to condition and sanitize your hot tub water.

    Ease of Use

    In order to get the most use out of your hot tub, you want to ensure it’s as accessible as possible, even during the cold, Canadian winters. We recommend you place your hot tub close to a door, to ensure it’s easy to slip in and out. A cover removal system, like Beachcomber’s Lift ‘N Store can also do wonders for making a quick soak in the morning or night that much easier to enjoy. The cantilever design is affixed to the bottom of the hot tub, and slips in at the hinge as the hot tub cover is flipped open. This process makes easy work of lifting the cover out of the way and allows you to get in and out of your hot tub with minimal effort.

  • Best Features of the 40th Anniversary Editions

    Best Features of the 40th Anniversary Editions

    To commemorate 40 year of Beachcomber, our team of engineers wanted to design a limited collection of hot tubs that would highlight the superior hydromassage performance, timeless style, and incredible energy efficiency that have been the benchmarks of the Beachcomber brand.

    The resulting 720, 570, and 360 Anniversary Edition models truly take hot tub excellence to the next level.

    The Design

    Melding style and function, each of the 3 Anniversary Edition models features ergonomic, flexible seating configurations and expansive footwells to ensure maximum comfort for all bathers. As the traditional gift for a 40th anniversary is the ruby, a red gemstone sparkle has been infused in the all-new Rubionyx acrylic. Our distinctive LED-lit waterfall features add a calming ambience, while our 720 AE model is adorned with exterior Star Trail corner lighting to highlight the sleek horizontal enviroskirting. Premier interior lighting includes Crescent Moon lights integrated into the handgrips, and pinpoint Eclipse lighting to add safety and atmosphere during evening soaks.  Air Connect Surround Sound wirelessly connects to all bluetooth enabled devices, and bathers can enjoy up to 147 jetting configurations thanks to Beachcomber’s patented FlexJet technology.

    Performance & Energy Efficiency

    Every Beachcomber Hot is built from scratch using only the finest-quality materials and exacting production standards. Year after year, we continuously benchmark against our past constructions, with the all-new Anniversary Edition models delivering the best hydromassage jetting performance, with the lowest operational costs. Our 4-wall 100% cavity-filled insulation, ensures heat remains trapped, keeping heating costs up to 33% lower than the competition.

    Price Points

    All Anniversary Edition models reflect the incredible quality and massage performance of Beachcomber Hot Tubs. This year, we chose to create special models across all 3 of our signature series line-ups, with a 720, 570, and 360 Anniversary Edition available for customers. By widening the price point, we wanted to give customers with varying budgets the opportunity to bring one home – with 30% in savings across all 3 hot tubs.

  • Introducing the 40th Anniversary Edition Hot Tubs

    Introducing the 40th Anniversary Edition Hot Tubs

    Today, we are very proud to announce the launch of a very special new, limited collection of hot tubs: The Beachcomber 40th Rubionyx Anniversary Edition models. The collection includes 720, 570, and 360 hot tubs designed specifically to create a perfect home spa experience, only possible from 40 years of industry-leading experience.

    Melding style and function, each model offers generous seating and footwells for maximum comfort. The collection also offers a wide-range of hydrotherapy options, with up to 147 jetting configurations thanks to Beachcomber’s patented FlexJet technology. Other cutting-edge features include Beachcomber’s stunning Star Trail LED exterior corner lighting, a cascading LED waterfall feature, and Crescent Moon Handgrip lighting for added nighttime ambience and illumination.

    Discover more details on the incredible hot tub features included:

    Rubionyx acrylic offering flashes of brilliant ruby red. 

    The ruby is the traditional gift for a 40th anniversary. So it was only fitting that we incorporated the brilliant red hue of the famous gemstones into an all-new acrylic design for these models. The resulting Rubionyx delivers a sleek, luxurious look for this series that is unlike anything else we have created before.

    Air Connect wireless sound for the perfect soundtrack.  

    Bluetooth-enabled wireless sound system that easily connects to your smartphone or MP3 device and offers the perfect soundtrack for every soak. Whether you are looking to get the party started, or want to add a relaxing calm ambience to a solo spa session, experience the incredible surround sound Air Connect uniquely offers inside your hot tub.

    A cascading waterfall for a natural oasis.

    Experience soothing cascading ambience and relaxation with a steady, gentle stream of water flowing into your hot tub. Achieve the effect of a natural hot spring oasis, and get even closer to nature inside your hot tub. Plus, lean back against the waterfall, and enjoy a gentle neck massage. 720 and 570 models feature Roman Arch waterfall, 360 models include a Blade waterfall feature.

    Signature lighting to set the perfect mood.

    There’s nothing like relaxing in a hot tub in the evening, and there’s no better way to set the perfect mood than with premium lighting features. Depending on the AE model you choose, you’ll experience the glowing illumination of Star Trail LED exterior corner lighting and Crescent Moon handgrip illumination inside the 720, or pinpoint handgrip illumination inside the 570.

    Our 40th Anniversary Edition collection is available online and through authorized Beachcomber dealers worldwide, just in time for spring installation.

  • Five Questions to Ask Before Buying a Hot Tub

    Five Questions to Ask Before Buying a Hot Tub

    Choosing a hot tub takes some consideration and planning, but the rewards will be long lasting with the right choice!


    If you’re considering the lifetime investment of a hot tub, ask yourself these five questions…


     1)   What is my budget?

    Look not only at up-front cost, but consider the expected lifespan and operational costs as you weigh your investment. When you go for a low-budget hot tub, you’re looking at a very short-term no-frills experience. Hot tubs at the price point at or below $6,000 most often are so poorly insulated you’ll end up paying far more in the long run to operate them. At Beachcomber, we use the same construction standards and materials across every hot tub series, so whether you purchase an entry level model or one of our premium signature tubs, you can expect the same durability and quality.


    2)   What will be my primary purpose of use?

    Are you looking for a place to socialize with friends and family? Or is it deep-tissue hydrotherapy you’re after? When you’re looking at how to maximize your investment, it’s smart to weigh your expectations and prioritize which features and benefits are the most important to you.

    If you are looking for a place for entertaining large groups, prioritize hot tub size and seating. If your main focus is jetting and massage capabilities for muscle soreness relief, consider tubs that have more horsepower and ergonomic moulding. Defining your main purpose for a hot tub will also help you determine whether features like a lounger seat or a built-in sound system are really something you will get use out of.


    3)   How many seats do I need?

    Remember that price doesn’t necessarily equal number of seats. We have large and small hot tubs across our 700, 500, and 300 Series, so a smaller budget doesn’t mean you won’t be able to afford a larger tub. Our hot tubs come in sizes that accommodate anywhere from 2 to 8 people, with the average size accommodating between 5 and 6 adults. If you are planning on using your hot tub mainly alone or with a spouse, a smaller 2-4 person capacity will be perfect. If you are a family of five and are looking for something to enjoy with your kids, look for a tub that fits more. And if you have children, finding a model with a cool-down seat is important as it allows smaller bodies to safely perch higher above the water.


    4)   What can I expect in on-going operational costs?

    Because hot tubs require electricity to heat and circulate water and to power the jets and lights, new owners should expect a rise in their electricity bill following installation. But how much? That really depends on the type of hot tub you end up buying, the temperature you set the water, and the frequency of use. Make sure that the tub you choose is designed to keep operating costs down. Look closely at the insulation, the density of the cover you choose, the pump, and the heaters.


    5)   Can I still go on vacation if I own a hot tub?

    Owning a hot tub will bring you a convenient staycation option right into your backyard. But it shouldn’t prevent you from getting away from home if you feel like going on a getaway instead. Consider also that just because you own a property that isn’t your full-time residence (like a vacation home), it doesn’t mean that installing a hot tub there is a poor choice if you think it would add to the value of your experience there. Hot tubs need to be drained and refilled 3 to 4 times per year, so before you head out on a long vacation, draining and cleaning is a wise option. For shorter absences, you can ask a neighbour to come by for a quick maintenance once or twice. There are also various water treatment options available dependent on the duration of your absence, that will keep your hot tub water and equipment healthy and balanced, and ready for when you return.



    When we started Beachcomber Hot Tubs 40 years ago, we were determined to not only deliver the best quality product to customers, but to ensure our products were built sustainably and ethically. As we celebrate Earth Day this year, we are proud to give our owners the guarantee that by investing in a Beachcomber Hot Tub, they not only purchased a high-quality, hand-crafted product, they bought one that makes minimal impact on the environment and maximum impact on local communities.

    At Beachcomber Hot Tubs, we believe in growing our business by taking care of our customers, and our planet.

    Here are a few of the ways we are driving positive change in our industry, to ensure that our hot tubs are enjoyed by generations to come:

    100% Canadian Made

    Every Beachcomber Hot Tub is built by a skilled and dedicated workforce inside our Surrey, BC factory. We believe in creating jobs and opportunities for local engineers and tradespeople as well as offering opportunities to new immigrants to build success in their fresh beginnings. We ensure our factory and dealerships provide safe working conditions, fair labour practices, and adhere to environmental best practices.

    Energy Efficient

    In the mid-1970s, at the start of the home spa industry, the lack of quality products prompted Keith & Judy Scott to provide customers with something better. They began a four-decades journey of maximizing performance while minimizing usage costs. They achieved this through innovations including 100% cavity-filled insulation, created a sealant across the hot tub cover that locks in heat, circulation filtration flow that minimizes jet motors, heat recovery through hydronic radiant heating, and LED lighting and smart digitized controls panels.

    Push For Eco-Friendly Products

    As the business has grown, Beachcomber has looked at new ways to invest resources into sustainability, more recently launching a revolutionary line-up of water care products that use alternative sanitizers and natural solutions to eliminate the volume of hot tub chemicals required in cleaning and balancing water. This includes our ClearTech UVC sterilization system that harnesses the sun’s natural UV rays to eliminate harmful bacteria and cut the need for sanitizers by up to 50%, and our Care Free Water Care system. We have also looked to minimize our impact on local forests in construction. Beachcomber’s Enviroskirt™ cabinet is made with a material that has the look and feel of natural wood, without cutting down trees. It’s also maintenance-free and durable against all natural elements, delivering superior, lasting performance, to real wood.


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