• Beachcomber’s Inspection Process and Perma-Seal Foundation

    Beachcomber’s Inspection Process and Perma-Seal Foundation

    Every Beachcomber Hot Tub that leaves our factory facility has been through a variety of rigorous inspections and testing.

    The Beachcomber Hot Tubs Inspection Process:

    Pre-Production Inspection:  Carried out by our on-line operators before any components or raw materials are used on the production line or by our Quality Control Team throughout upcoming inspection.

    In-Process Inspections and Testing: There are multiple inspection and test points that each hot tub goes through during our manufacturing process. Every sub-process inspects its outputs to ensure the quality requirements are met and the sub-assembly is ready for next process.  All tubs are also performance tested.

    Final Inspection: Final Inspection is carried out right before the tub is packed. Through an automated Computer Inspection Program, we carefully inspect every hot tub to verify its workmanship, function, color, size, configuration and options. This ensures the product is consistent and compliant with all specified requirements.

    We’re proud of every hot tub that leaves our factory as each one is designed to seal out the elements and be the most energy efficient tub in the industry.

    March 24, 2016 By Beachcomber Life Features The Difference
  • How Beachcomber’s Guarantee covers you

    How Beachcomber’s Guarantee covers you

    We understand that buying a hot tub is a major purchase. To help provide our customers with an increased peace of mind, we created our Protection Guarantee. Unlike typical limited spa industry warranties that often protect the manufacturer instead of the customer, our Guarantee was built for you. It provides real protection against flaws and defects in the material.

    Looking after our customers before, during, and after they purchase a tub is an important part of our business. It’s a major part of what separates us from our competition.

    How Our Hot Tub Guarantee Is Different:


    Structure for Life

    Beachcomber is proud to guarantee that your hot tub will have a leak free Structural Laminated Fiberglass Composition. This protects you against leaks that occur because of a fault with the fiberglass composition of the tub.

    5 Year Acrylic Guarantee

    For 5 years from the time your hot tub is delivered, Beachcomber guarantees that the hot tub acrylic finish will be free of defects.

    2 Year Component Guarantee

    Beachcomber guarantees many of the factory installed components for 2 years (for a full list of parts check out our Guarantee here). If you should have any problems with these parts we will supply the materials and technical labor for the repair.

    Owner Transfer Option

    The remaining portion of your Guarantee is transferable to a new owner once in the life of the hot tub. The guarantee becomes active as soon as the new owner contacts Beachcomber for the customer-paid installation inspection. 

    March 14, 2016 By Beachcomber Life Features The Difference
  • Beachcomber’s Toughest Test

    Beachcomber’s Toughest Test

    Energy efficiency is an integral part of the design of our hot tubs. It’s part of what makes Beachcomber Hot Tubs stand in the hot tub industry. While other hot tub manufacturers build their hot tubs in a way to increase profits by using lower quality parts, Beachcomber focuses on producing tubs with the highest quality parts and best design. This allows Beachcomber to deliver the lowest possible energy usage among hot tub brands.

    Why our Hot Tub Are The Most Energy Efficient

    When purchasing a Beachcomber, you can be sure that you’re receiving the highest quality product in the industry. As part of our manufacturing process, Beachcomber puts each hot tub model through yearly comprehensive energy efficiency testing in a California Energy Commission (CEC) approved laboratory.


    Here are the results from the California Energy Commission testing:

    Brand Watts Per USG % higher than Beachcomber
    NewLife Spas .77 57%
    Coast Spas .71 45%
    Emerald Spas .68 38%
    Nordic Hot Tubs .67 35%
    Baja Spas .65 33%
    Viking Spas .64 30%
    Coyote Spas .63 27%
    Sunrise Spas .62 26%
    Jacuzzi Hot Tubs .60 22%
    Caldera Spas .54 10%
    Bullfrog Spas .54 9%
    Arctic Spas .53 8%
    Beachcomber Hot Tubs .49 0%


    We’re extremely proud to own the distinction of being the most energy efficient hot tub in the industry. It’s exemplary of how our commitment to quality and energy efficiency has paid off.


    March 14, 2016 By Beachcomber Life Features The Difference
  • Cleartech UVC Water Care System explained

    Cleartech UVC Water Care System explained

    Supplying your hot tub with the correct amount of water care products can be expensive. Every few months it can cost upwards of $150-200 to maintain healthy, clear water. Adding a Cleartech UVC Water Care system can significantly reduce the amount of traditional water products you need to use in your tub and allow longer intervals between draining your hot tub.

    The Difference of Beachcomber Hot Tubs’ ClearTech UVC Sterilization

    How it works?

    The Cleartech UVC system works by harnessing the power of UV light to kill harmful bacteria in your water as it is filters through the tub’s plumbing. This system is fully compatible with chlorine-based water care products, and it can help reduce their consumption by up to 50%. It’s also environmentally friendly and produces no chemicals or harmful by-products.

    How it helps?

    The ClearTech™ UVC Sterilization System does not eliminate the need for water care products, however, it will extend the life of your products and water by eliminating bacteria, viruses, and lowering Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) present in your water 24/7. This allows the chlorine residual to oxidize which reduces any prevalent odours or skin irritation from chloramines.

    *Beachcomber Hot Tub Tip: Before purchasing a hot tub be sure you ask your salesperson about having your tub “ClearTech ready”. Currently only Beachcomber Hybrid3™ and Hybrid4™ hot tubs are able to carry this feature and not our LEEP™ tubs.

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  • Celebrating Beachcomber’s 38th Birthday

    Celebrating Beachcomber’s 38th Birthday

    On February 14th we’re turning 38 years young! As we look forward into our future, we wanted to take some time to look back on the big moments in Beachcomber’s history.

    The History of Beachcomber Hot Tubs


    Keith and Judy Scott founded Beachcomber Hot Tubs in Surrey, British Columbia.

    1980 – 1982

    Judy Scott starts the Purity Company to support hot tub owners with simple water care programs that keep hot tub water clean and clear.

    Between these years Beachcomber also set up the first North American Customer Care Support Line for hot tub owners.

    1993 – 1996

    Beachcomber invents “Body Molded Hand Grips” to give hot tub owners a greater sense of safety when entering and exiting their tub.

    We also created the Reflex Foot Massage system to provide extra foot therapy in our hot tubs.

    1999 – 2001

    Beachcomber debuts the Care Free Water Care system. This system has been helping our customers easily manage their hot tub’s water care.

    Between these year’s, Beachcomber also pioneered the first 24/7 Hush Pump independent circulation, heating and cleaning system.

    2003 – 2006

    Keith Scott named a Finalist for Ernst & Young “Entrepreneur of the Year”.

    Beachcomber’s 150th appearance on “The Price is Right”, the longest running TV Game Show in history

    2007 – 2010

    Beachcomber introduces the new ClearTech UVC Water Care system to help our customers keep clean and clear water.

    2013 and beyond

    The SLB Series of hot tubs are introduced for the 700 Series, allowing customers luxurious extra options for their tubs.

    We’re constantly innovating, so stay tuned for amazing new features and options in our hot tub lineup!


    February 12, 2016 By Beachcomber Life Choosing a Tub Entertainment Features The Difference
  • 9 Most Sought After Hot Tub Features

    9 Most Sought After Hot Tub Features

    When you are shopping for a new hot tub, you will notice there are not only a lot of manufacturers and models to choose from, but also a number of add-on features. It’s important to make a list of must-haves vs. nice-to-haves in order to find the right outdoor hot tub in the right budget. Below is a list of our most popular hot tub features based on feedback from owners and buyer requests.

    Features to look for in a new hot tub


    #1 Most Wanted Feature: FlexJet Customizable Jetting

    Standard in all Beachcomber Models

    FlexJet™ Inserts let you choose the number of jets you want, for your optimal customized massage. For a variety of massage experiences, create different jetting patterns in each seat to target certain muscle groups.


    #2 Most Wanted Feature: Digital Temperature Controls

    Standard in all Beachcomber Models

    All of Beachcomber’s operational systems are digital. Much like the climate control system in a car. With the touch of a button, simply increase, or decrease the temperature of your hot tub while its energy efficient technology does the rest!


    #3 Most Wanted Feature: SafeAxiss Steps

    Standard in all Beachcomber Models

    The SafeAxiss Step has a non-slip landing pad with twin side steps for your Hybrid3® hot tubs, giving you safe and easy access to your Beachcomber hot tub.

    A second feature of the SafeAxiss Steps is that they double as the external housing for your Hybrid3®  hot tub heater, pump, and digital system.


    #4 Most Wanted Feature: Beachcomber Full Length Lounging Bed

    Standard in all Beachcomber Models

    Beachcomber has 7 full-length lounge beds available in our line-up. Imagine lying back, with warm, swirling water all around you, being massaged by FlexJets for your neck, back and feet! The ErgoComfort seating design cups your body gently to bring you to a perfect state of relaxation.


    #5 Most Wanted Feature: Beachcomber Moulded Head Rests 


    Standard in all Beachcomber Models

    Beachcomber’s moulded head rests are artfully placed and ergonomically sculpted directly into the hot tub to prevent warping and fading like traditional head rests.


    #6 Most Wanted Feature: LED Moodlighting

    Standard in all Beachcomber Models

    Everlite LED Moodlighting gives you a variety of colors setting the mood for relaxation and enjoyment every time you step into your Beachcomber. With the touch of a button it’s easy to find that perfect color, or have it cycle through all colours.

    This style of LED Lighting gives you the lowest operating cost available on the market today. In fact, it costs just pennies a year to operate, for a lifetime of enjoyment.


    #7 Most Wanted Feature: Cup Holders

    Standard in all Beachcomber Models

    Beachcomber hot tubs are a place to connect and entertain. That is why every hot tub has a large micro filter drink tray and cup holders molded directly into the hot tub. With their seamless design, Beachcomber cup holders and drink trays are beautiful and simple.


    #8 Most Wanted Feature: Beachcomber Heatshield™ Cover

    Standard in all Beachcomber Models

    Your Beachcomber Heatshield Cover saves you money by sealing the rim of the hot tub. The majority of heat energy is lost off the surface of hot tub water. The Heatshield Cover traps in the heat and moisture in all climates to prevent heat loss and save energy costs.

    We only use the finest materials available to construct our own Beachcomber Heatshields, that come with a full two year guarantee.


    #9 Most Wanted Feature: ClearTech UVC Water Care System                                      

    Available optional on all Beachcomber Models

    Working 24/7, Beachcomber’s ClearTech UVC Water Care System uses the incredible power of UVC light, to neutralize bacteria and viruses. This improves the health quality of your hot tub water for your family.

    December 10, 2015 By Beachcomber Life Features The Difference
  • Beachcomber’s Exclusive Surround Sound System

    Beachcomber’s Exclusive Surround Sound System

    No matter what genre of music you and your family are into, you can experience them all while bathing in your very own backyard oasis.  With our convenient AirConnect wireless audio system, you can connect to your smartphone and stream music directly to your Beachcomber Hot Tub.

    With sound hubs engineered into the walls of our hot tubs, the acrylic structural shell is virtually converted to a sub-woofer. This allows you to enjoy an unbelievable quality of music while relaxing with a massage in your Beachcomber Hot Tub.

    The Features in Beachcomber Hot Tubs’ Sound System Include:

    • Wirelessly stream digital music files or internet radio from your smartphone directly to your hot tub system.
    • An easy to use touch pad gives you control of your music with AirConnect pairing and audio playback.
    • The integrated Device Storage Bay provides a safe and watertight environment for your digital device.
    • Convenient Device Storage Bay holds your smartphone device.
    • AirConnect does not require a proprietary interface as with Apple devices. It’s a universal system for all devices.
    • An integrated 3.5mm audio jack is provided for auxiliary connectivity.


    With our signature surround sound system, you can take your Beachcomber Hot Tub experience to the next level. The convenience of wireless audio, direct from your smartphone!

    December 4, 2015 By Beachcomber Life Features The Difference
  • Our Customers’ Favourite Specialty Features

    Our Customers’ Favourite Specialty Features

    Our customers are interested in having the highest quality and the best value possible for the money they spend. It’s our goal to meet our client’s needs and provide them with top quality customizable features and options to create the hot tub of their dreams. Here are some of our customers’ favourite specialty features.

    A Beachcomber Hot Tub’s Best Features:

    Hybrid4® Edition

    This options pack hot tub combines the three best options into one package of excellence. They embody Beachcomber’s philosophy and dedication to providing our customers with energy efficiency, excellent design at an affordable cost.

    Hush Pump

    Providing our customers clear, clean water is our #1 objective. That’s why we make this special option available to our customers – this small, but mighty pump helps to circulate, heat and clean your hot tub 24/7-at an affordable rate.

    ClearTech UVC Water Care System

    This environmentally-friendly system disables and sterilizes bacteria and viruses in hot tub water. Using the intense power of UV light in a small, controlled chamber, hot tub water is exposed to the light. There are less chemicals added and this process produces only clean, distilled water, ready to use.


    November 12, 2015 By Beachcomber Life Features The Difference
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