• The Importance of Insulation in a Hot Tub’s Construction

    The Importance of Insulation in a Hot Tub’s Construction

    As the permanent chill of winter weather creeps in, and you’re considering purchasing a hot tub, the cost of operation may be an understandable concern for you. At Beachcomber, we pride ourselves in our hot tubs being among the most energy efficient in the world! Energy optimization, and its resulting savings to you as an owner, is built into the construction of every tub we produce.

    The key to minimizing heat loss and maximizing efficiency is hot tub insulation

    Fully insulating the interior cavity of the hot tub is something that Beachcomber Hot Tubs continues to lead the industry in. Our patented Hybrid4™ technology allowed us to move the interior equipment outside the hot tub cavity and under the step instead. This in turn enabled us to insulate all four walls of the hot tub, blocking moisture and heat from escaping the shell on all sides. Just like the walls of your home, insulation is needed to prevent the transfer of heat out of the vessel. The insulation we use is a specially formulated foam product made right in our British Columbia factory, that is blown in and expands to fill every crevice of the cavity. After it dries, it cures and hardens, making the hot tub into an integrated unit to keep the heat inside. Independent reports also support Beachcomber’s Eco-design method of this Cavity Fill insulation by stating that “For purposes of efficiency, more insulation is better.” This is something you’ll see across all Beachcomber models and price points.

    Along with saving you money on energy costs, the insulation allows the interior equipment to run at a consistent temperature, which ensures long equipment life, and maintains your desired water temperature. The foundation also plays an important role in the efficiency of your hot tub purchase. Look for a model that has a sturdy foundation, like the PERMA-SEAL™ in all Beachcomber models, that stops the internal insulated foam cavity from absorbing moisture and heat.


  • How a HEATSHIELD™ Saves You Money

    How a HEATSHIELD™ Saves You Money

    Before the fast pace and burgeoning bills of the holidays, the Fall is a great time to save money. Plus, you need a hot tub cover to seal in heat during the cooler months, so it’s worth remembering how critical your cover choice is to energy efficiency and cost savings.

    How Investing in a Heatshield Cover = Cost Savings

    A HEATSHIELD™ by Beachcomber is designed for maximum energy efficiency and boasts 45% more insulating power than industry standard hot tub covers. Designed to lock in your hot tub’s heat and energy, the HEATSHIELD™ will save you up to $500 per year in heating costs!*


    Why is this? What makes a HEATSHIELD hot tub cover perform better?

    Made in Canada

    Every Beachcomber HEATSHIELD™ is proudly made in Canada with quality materials and craftsmanship, making it an investment that will withstand the elements and last the test of time.

    Heat-Sealed Construction

    The airtight, heat-seal design effectively keeps the cold air out, which will maximize the longevity and performance of your cover.

    Durable Against All Elements

    Reinforced light-weight aluminum keeps the structure of your cover looking like new. Mildew, moisture, and UV rays are simply no match against the marine grade vinyl skin!

    Two Year Guarantee

    We stand behind our products. This is our commitment to our customers. Our HEATSHIELD™ will perform as promised.


    Consider also:

    Given how critical a high performing cover is to conserve heat, save electrical costs and keep dirt and debris out of your hot tub, we cannot overemphasize the importance of its regular use. When well maintained, the HEATSHIELD™ is very easy to remove. And combining it with a cover lifter will make nightly use even easier. The Airlift and Slide ‘n Store Extreme are two options worth checking out!


    And if you purchase your HEATSHIELD™ before October 8th, you’ll get a FREE Drain & Fill Tote (valued at $129).


    *Compared to tapered 3” nominal 1 lbs EPS foam cover. Based on typical annual heating costs in the Pacific Northwest

  • Why Energy Efficiency Is So Important For A Hot Tub

    Why Energy Efficiency Is So Important For A Hot Tub

    Looking To Keep Warm This Winter?

    A common claim across hot tub manufacturers is how much more energy efficient their hot tubs are compared to the competition. While all brands claim to be the leader in the market, how can they back this up?

    Let’s talk hot tub insulation

    As you comparatively shop, start asking yourself: “Am I really looking at a fully foamed spa?”

    Back in the ’80s, spas were built with absolutely zero insulation, and some companies continue to cut corners here. On budget spas you’ll often see insulations practices like using trapped air or a small layer of foam on the back side of the interior shell. You wouldn’t build a home without insulated walls, right? Just like Beachcomber wouldn’t build a hot tub without 100% cavity-filled insulation.

    Brands that use these methods do it for one reason: it’s cheaper for them. When it comes to owning one however, even if you’ve saved on the sticker price, you’ll be losing big every month when you look at operating costs.

    Fully foaming the interior cavity of the spa continues to be the most important element in minimizing heat loss and maximizing efficiency; and it’s something that Beachcomber continues to be the industry leader in.

    With our Hybrid Technology, Beachcomber took things to the next level by taking the interior equipment and moving it outside the hot tub cavity and under the step. This has allowed us to insulate all four walls of the hot tub, blocking moisture and heat from escaping the shell on all sides. The insulation we use is a specially formulated foam product that is made right in our British Columbia factory and expands to fill the entire space within the hot tub. It’s something you’ll see across Beachcomber models, and across price points.

    Along with saving you money on energy costs, the insulation allows the interior equipment to run at a consistent proper temperature which ensures long equipment life, and maintains your desired water temperature.

    Nearly 40 years after we began revolutionizing the industry with hot tub insulation, Hybrid continues to carry on our proud tradition of technological excellence.

    Want to see how much operating your Beachcomber could be? We offer a Hot Tub Energy Calculator for prospective owners to estimate their energy usage based on their location and the model they choose.

  • What Makes Beachcomber Hot Tubs The Most Energy Efficient? Discover Hybrid3 Technology

    What Makes Beachcomber Hot Tubs The Most Energy Efficient? Discover Hybrid3 Technology

    Something that we’re often asked about is the meaning of the Hybrid4 logo that adorns the side of our hot tubs.

    It all started back in the 1980s, when Beachcomber had only been in the market for a few years and hot tubs were built with no insulation at all. The pumping equipment was built inside the cavity (something you still most often see) and tucked in behind the hot tub cabinetry. This created an issue for owners, as the heat from the tubs escaped so easily that they have to drain them in the winter to prevent the water from freezing. Wanting to drastically improve the standard of the industry, Beachcomber founders Keith & Judy Scott had a breakthrough that on re-inventing the mechanics of a hot tub in 1983.

    Beachcomber Hot Tub Energy Savings

    They decided to take the internal equipment and move it outside the hot tub cavity. This allowed them to insulate all four walls of the hot tub, which studies have shown is the number one most important factor affecting energy efficiency.

    Did you know that Beachcomber Hot Tubs are up to 43% more energy efficient than other hot tubs? 

    With 4 walls insulated, Beachcomber engineers created an ingenious solution for placing the pumping and heating systems seamlessly under the front step. This not only provides savings in energy efficiency, but allows easy accessing for equipment maintenance and checks.

    When it comes to insulation, the foam product Beachcomber uses across all of our models is made right in our factory in British Columbia, Canada. It expands to fill the entire space within the hot tub and is applied by hand by one of our specialized technicians.

    Along with saving you money on energy costs, the insulation allows easy maintenance of your desired water temperature.

    Keith and Judy’s new idea not only revolutionized the hot tub industry, but continues to this day to set Beachcomber apart from its competitors. Nearly 40 years later, Hybrid3 carries on the proud technological tradition.

  • Beachcomber’s Signature Insulation

    Beachcomber’s Signature Insulation

    Beachcomber signature insulation design is the feature that truly separates us from our competition. The insulation that is added to our hot tubs during the manufacturing process is a specialized type of expanding foam. It’s perfectly designed for our hot tubs, filling every available space within the hot tub cavity. This insulation sealing system is blown into the cavity of our hot tubs to seal every crevice and prevent moisture, heat or air penetration.

    Beachcomber Hot Tub Insulation:


    Hybrid3 Insulation

    Our Hybrid3 hot tub insulation called “Protec” first debuted in 1983. It featured an external equipment design sitting ”cab forward’, or outside of the main cavity of the hot tub. Protec also included a safety step which provided a better way to enter and exit our hot tubs. Protec was changed in 2009 to Hybrid3. By removing the motor from the main cavity of the tub, the Hybrid3 design allowed us to fully insulate all 4 sides of the tub – allowing for maximum energy efficiency.


    LEEP Insulation

    Just like with the Hybrid3 insulation, we spray the specialized eco-friendly icynene expanding foam into the structural cavity of the hot tub. Unlike in the Hybrid models, where we remove the motor from the interior cavity, the LEEP models are designed with insulation on three sides of the hot tub. Although the Hybrid3 models have more insulation around the cavity, the LEEP models are much more self-contained.


    When researching hot tubs, it’s incredibly important to take into account insulation. Insulation is key to maintaining energy efficiency and low energy costs with your hot tub. Because insulation is not a flashy detail, many companies overlook it when designing their tubs. Beachcomber went against this industry standard practice, increasing our production costs to assure our customers the highest quality and best value hot tubs.

    May 31, 2016 By Beachcomber Life Energy Savings The Difference
  • Tips that will reduce your tub’s energy usage

    Tips that will reduce your tub’s energy usage

    Most potential hot tub buyers worry about how much their energy costs will increase once they install a tub. Beachcomber’s hot tubs are designed to prevent this from happening. From our energy efficient pumps and motors, to our 3 and 4 walled insulation design, we build our tubs to save you money.


    Beachcomber Hot Tub Cover

    Every Beachcomber Heatshield Cover is built tough to allow your hot tub to perform in all seasons. These covers form a vacuum seal around the entire lip of the hot tub, much like the cap of a thermos bottle. This prevents steam from escaping from the water’s surface, the place where the greatest heat loss takes place. All our covers are custom-built in Canada at our factory facility; with proper care your cover will last for years, saving you money on heating costs.


    Not to mention the aesthetic aspect of it, having a windbreak around your hot tub can also significantly reduce heat loss. Reducing the wind exposure allows the heat from the surface of the water to stay around the tub, rather than being pushed away and forcing the tub to work harder to produce more.

    Control Panel Settings

    Maintaining your hot tub at a high temperature all-yearlong is unnecessary. By setting your tub’s temperature to a more reasonable temperature, you’ll save money on heating. You can go even further by maintaining your tub at a temperature below soaking temperature, then only increasing the temperature when bathing.

    Reduce Heating Time

    Always turn down your heater when you are away from home for extended periods of time. If you live in a climate where the temperature doesn’t deep below zero, you can get away with turning off your heater. If not, some heating must be maintained to prevent freeze damage to the pipes and plumbing.

    Filter Cartridge

    A worn-out hot tub filters will increase the amount of energy used by your tub. Having a clogged filter forces your motor to stutter, and doesn’t allow your heater element to work as effectively.

    Reducing your energy usage is an incredibly important part of owning a hot tub.

    April 22, 2016 By Beachcomber Life Energy Savings The Difference
  • What does the Energy Saver Management System do?

    What does the Energy Saver Management System do?

    Every Beachcomber has added features that help to reduce the impact heating has on your monthly energy bill. One of the most important features we added is the Energy Saver Management System (ESMS).

    This signature Beachcomber system does everything from adjust your filtration cycles to set your heating modes to reduce power usage. The topside panel of your hot tub has digital controls to customize cleaning, filtration and heating modes for a personalized hot tub experience.

    Explaining The Beachcomber Energy Saver Management System

    It essentially operates as the “brain” of your hybrid model hot tub.

    How does it work?

    Beachcomber’s management system allows you to manage the frequency and duration of filter cycles, which has a major effect on hot tub energy consumption. Minimizing filter cycle frequency and duration will reduce the overall energy consumption of your hot tub. Beachcomber’s ESMS allows you the flexibility to optimize and change the filtration cycles with a touch of a button. Our smart controls save up to 5% – 10% of a tub’s heating energy requirement.

    Beachcomber Hot Tip:

    When starting the search for your next hot tub, be sure that you keep energy efficiency in the forefront of your mind. Many other hot tub brands offer low upfront costs, but little effort into monthly savings, long term energy efficiency and hot tub durability.


    March 7, 2016 By Beachcomber Life Energy Savings The Difference
  • Introducing Beachcomber’s Hydronic Radiant Heat System

    Introducing Beachcomber’s Hydronic Radiant Heat System

    Beachcomber’s goal is to deliver great quality hydrotherapy while consuming the least amount of energy possible. Beachcomber’s Hydronic Radiant Heat (HRH) system is one of the methods used to accomplish this.

    Beachcomber Hot Tubs’ Energy Saving Technology

    Our engineers recognized that the hundreds of meters of plumbing inside our hot tubs could be used as a source of heat.  They devised the HRH system to recycle the heat of the plumbing, rather than just let it escape into the environment. They accomplished this by laying the plumbing tubes directly on the hot tub shell, creating a thermal blanket around the shell of the hot tub. This heating system both keeps your energy bills down and prevents the tubing from freezing in the winter.

    This system, coupled with our 100% Cavity Sealed Insulation, provides our customers up to a 27% reduction in energy loss compared with other model hot tubs.

    This is yet another example of how Beachcomber Hot Tubs manufactures the finest quality and best value hot tubs on the market today.

  • Commitment to our Environment

    Commitment to our Environment

    Beachcomber is passionate about preserving the environment and energy conservation, it’s a cornerstone of our company. Through innovative engineering techniques and technology that we have developed, the hot tubs we manufacture provide our customers with the ultimate massage without creating skyrocketing energy bills or damaging the environment.

    Our hot tubs consistently outperform the spa industry standard when it comes to energy efficiency. On average, our hot tubs consume 34% less energy than the competition. Operating a Beachcomber hot tub for a month can be less than a single trip to the movies.

    How Beachcomber Hot Tubs Are The Most Energy Efficient in the Industry

    To show off just how energy efficient our hot tubs are, we created a tool to take the hassle out of figuring out the monthly electrical operating costs of our tubs.

    Energy Guides

    With the Beachcomber Energy Guide, all you have to do is enter how much you pay per kWh, and it does the rest. With this tool, you can find out exactly how much you will be saving per month on electricity compared against other models in the hot tub industry.

    Preserving our environment

    During the process of manufacturing a Beachcomber Hot Tub, we produce a lot of plastic waste. Fortunately, we have a long standing relationship with a local recycling company that helps us recycle and re-use as much plastic waste as possible. Over the past 21 months alone, we’ve recycled 25,477 pounds of plastic waste. That’s equivalent to six 40 yard industrial garbage bins.

    That amount of plastic waste would take decades to decompose at the landfill, not to mention the waste that comes with just throwing away that much material. Because of our recycling efforts, we’ve saved $2,144 in garbage pick-ups, as well as the fuel and oil that the garbage process would require. Recycling benefits everyone!

    December 4, 2015 By Beachcomber Life Energy Savings The Difference
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