• Study: Hot Baths (Not Ice Baths) After Exercise Yield Performance Benefits

    Study: Hot Baths (Not Ice Baths) After Exercise Yield Performance Benefits

    Have you ever seen a video of high-performance athletes jumping into a bathtub full of ice and think…what is that really all about?

    For years, many athletes have sworn by the benefits of quickly immersing themselves into cold, icy water, in the belief that it speeds up bodily recovery.

    Well, according to a study from the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports, swapping the extreme cold for a soothing, hot bath might be the way to go.

    Among the findings, soaking in warm water was shown to stimulate performance-boosting heat adaptations that mimic how the body adjusts to hot weather.

    Why Take A Hot Tub After Exercising

    By soaking in warm water following training, you are helping your body’s sweat rate increase, your core temperature drop, and you will stimulate increased blood flow to your heart.

    These three effects taken together, according to researchers, help enhance your body’s physical performance, particularly in warmer weather conditions.

    If you are in the midst of winter training for a spring or summer event, warm hot tub soaks can have even more paybacks, as you are readying your body to perform and adapt in warmer conditions.

    So keep the ice where it belongs…in your next margarita! And enjoy a nice, soothing Beachcomber soak to keep your body prepped for your next training session.

    It is very important to note that staying hydrated whenever you do any form of strenuous exercise should be priority number one. Many experts recommend waiting at least 30 minutes after exercising before soaking in a hot tub, and we at Beachcomber agree. Give your body time to cool down and hydrate before you enter into your hyrotherapeutic session.

  • University Study: Hot Tubs Can Lower Blood Pressure 10% More Than 60 Minutes of Exercise

    University Study: Hot Tubs Can Lower Blood Pressure 10% More Than 60 Minutes of Exercise

    With so many cultures and practitioners swearing by the benefits of regular hot baths, researchers at Loughborough University decided to investigate.

    Their study looked at the effect of a hot bath on blood sugar control and on the number of calories burned with a group of 14 men partaking in the experiment. The men were assigned to soak in a hot bath or partake in an hour of cycling.

    Lowering Blood Pressure With A Hot Tub

    While cycling resulted in more calories being burned, soaking in the hot water resulted in as many calories being burned as a half-hour walk and the peak blood sugar after eating was 10% lower when participants took a hot bath compared to when they exercised. 

    The study also suggested that repeated passive heating, from soaking in hot water, contributes to reducing chronic inflammation.

    While the health benefits of hot tubs remains a relatively new field of research, the results that have emerged in past few years have been exciting to say the least.

    In addition to the cardiovascular benefits of passive heating, there is evidence that regular hot tub soaking may also have beneficial metabolic effects. A study from Colorado’s McKee Medical Centre that looked at the effect of hot tub therapy in patients diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, showed improvements in body weight, blood sugar control, and reduced insulin dependance!

    For the full study from Loughborough University
    McKee Medical Centre Study


  • New Study Shows The Power of Hot Tubs in Helping Arthritis Sufferers

    New Study Shows The Power of Hot Tubs in Helping Arthritis Sufferers

    A new study from The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research shows how physical training in warm water can help millions of osteoarthritis sufferers.

    Osteoarthritis is an illness that causes inflammation and damage in your joints and creates chronic pain and swelling that impacts your range of motion and ability to maintain a balanced, active lifestyle. In the US alone, over 27 million suffer from this.

    How Do Hot Tubs Provide Arthritis Relief?

    1. Warm water stimulates the blood flow to stiff muscles and joints to help reduce inflammation, swelling and pain.
    2. The water’s buoyancy inside the tub helps to take pressure off joints and offers support to make it easier to move and flex muscles.
    3. Hot tubs creates a much safer exercise environment, with a reduced risk of falling, lowered joint loads and three dimensional support to help maintain balance.

    When patients with the condition participated in warm water exercise programs two or three times a week, their pain decreased as much as 40% and their ability to stay physically agile increased noticeably!

    As an added bonus, the study also drew results that correlated the use of regular exercise in warm water with an emotional boost for participants, as well as improved sleeping patterns.

    So remember, when you step inside a Beachcomber, you’re doing more than just finding an escape to relax, you’re giving your body the environment it needs to stay active and healthy – at any age!

  • 5 Reasons Why Your Workout Can’t Wait Until Tomorrow

    5 Reasons Why Your Workout Can’t Wait Until Tomorrow

    Ready to finally get in shape this year? You’ve got the running shoes, the outfit, and the motivation? But what happens when once again, you find yourself dealing with 524 other things in any given week?

    Slowly but surely, our workout clothes and dreams are left to collect dust in the back of the closet, waiting for the next January 1st to bring them momentarily back into the spotlight.

    How To Motivate Yourself to Work-Out

    Well first off, it’s about sizing up the commitment. Working out doesn’t need to dictate your day. Even 15 minutes of exercise a day has been scientifically proven to build long-term impacts in your overall well-being.

    Here’s 5 Reasons To Stop Waiting & Start Working On Your Health & Fitness Now!

    1. It gives you way more energy to help you get through everything else you have going on in the day thanks to the endorphins released
    2. It helps you fall asleep faster and sleep through the whole night, without restlessness that keeps you groggy
    3. It helps you reach and maintain a goal weight that will have you feeling great about yourself and let you do the things you love
    4. It helps prevent and fight serious health problems including heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes, (just to name a few)
    5. It helps slow down the decline in body function that’s a natural part of aging. Older adults who live actively have been shown to experience less aches, pains, and low energy levels than their less active counterparts.

    But Remember: Recovery, Recovery, Recovery!

    When it comes to improving your physical and mental health. Taking the time to have a proper recovery from any physical exertion plays a huge role in ensuring a long-lasting and effective workout regimen. Hot tubs offer huge benefits for anyone looking to live a more active life – just check out why pro athletes include hot tub soakings in their routines.

  • 3 Reasons Why Pro Athletes Use Hot Tubs To Stay Healthy

    3 Reasons Why Pro Athletes Use Hot Tubs To Stay Healthy

    Pro athletes spend endless hours conditioning their bodies in order to stay at the top of their game. That means not only working out on and off the field, but taking the proper steps to avoid injury and muscle pain that can send them to the sidelines, and often even into early retirement.

    No matter your level of physical exertion, it’s super important to take at least one tip from the pros to heart: taking the time for recovery! 

    After any level of training, our muscles require plenty of rest to not only restore, but also to grow. Working out hour after hour non-stop won’t give you the results you’re after and will also lead to muscle tears and chronic soreness that could keep you from staying active for months at a time.

    So why use hot tubs to stay fit?

    Preparation: Having a quick soak before physical exertion helps loosen up your muscles, which helps to speed up the recovery process and avoid injury.

    Recovery: The hot water increases blood flow and circulation, helping your trained muscles recover and build, and the mix of heat and jet propulsion soothes soreness and helps release built-up muscle tension that causes pain.

    Focus: Pro sports can often be just as much of a mental game as a physical one. That’s why many athletes take a 10-15 minute dip prior to hitting the field to help induce a meditative state that is needed for giving an all-star performance.

    We all live busy lives, and making the time for training can be a time-strain in itself, but don’t make an amateur mistake and instead look to the pros. Always ensure your body is getting the break and benefits it needs to keep performing strong.

  • Hot Tub Stretching 101

    Hot Tub Stretching 101

    Helping your body recover is a big part of being an athlete. Although stretching before exercise is vital, doing so afterwards is almost more important, and too often forgotten about. Doing your post exercise stretching in a hot tub is an even better way to further improve the future performance of your muscles.

    Soothing Muscles In A Hot Tub

    Hot water helps muscles recover by loosening them and increasing your ability to stretch. Below is a list of exercises to make sure you’re at your best for your next workout.

    Hamstring Stretch

    While seating down, place a strap around the ball of your foot and grab both ends of the strap with your hands. Follow this by raising your bent leg then slowly extend it in front of you until your leg becomes straight, or just as far as you can. Listen to your body, and be sure not to push yourself past your limit to avoid injury. Attempt to hold it for up to 30 seconds.

    Shoulder Stretch

    Sit upright and point your elbow in front of you. Follow this by holding your elbow with you other hand and gently pull it across your chest until you feel strong tension. Attempt to hold it for 10-20 seconds.

    Back Stretch

    The best way to do this stretch is while sitting in a lounger seat. First, put your knees in a bent position than follow that by slowly leaning forward. When you begin to feel tight, hold that particular position for at least 15 seconds.


    To make these stretches as impactful as possible, be sure you relax your muscles beforehand. Do your best to pause at different points throughout each stretch as well.

    Beachcomber Hot Tip: Always check with a medical professional if you have any previous injuries to ensure safety while doing any of these stretches.

    September 14, 2016 By Beachcomber Life Excercise Health Wellness
  • 5 foods to add to your diet

    5 foods to add to your diet

    Dieting is hard. It takes major discipline to completely dedicate yourself to eating and living better. It’s not something that you can easily pickup either. Making lasting changes to your diet is a slow process that can’t be done overnight.

    Below are 6 great foods that you can add to your diet to help you feel better in 2016.

    Diet Friendly Food Choices

    1. Matcha Tea – This is the ground powder from dried green tea leaves. It’s renowned for slowing the progression of kidney and liver damage, as well as being chock full of antioxidants.
    2. Plantains – They are a great source of fiber, potassium, vitamin C and vitamin A.
    3. Watercress – Just like Kale, Watercress is extremely nutritious. In a 2014 study, it was found to have the highest nutrient score of any fruit or vegetable.
    4. Lychee – This is a very versatile fruit that can be consumed in ice cream, fruit salad or even as part of salsa. Lychee’s benefits stem from its high potassium and vitamin C content.
    5. Capers – When added to meat dishes, Capers decrease by-products that are associated with high cancer risks.
    6. Rosemary – Similar to many other herbs, Rosemary packs major nutritional benefits. It’s linked to reducing your risk of Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, macular degeneration and improving overall brain health.

    Adding these foods to your diet, along with exercise and a daily 15 minute soak in your hot tub completes your new healthier, happier lifestyle. 

    Check out other great foods to add to your diet here.

    February 5, 2016 By Beachcomber Life Excercise Health Wellness
  • Recover with your Beachcomber Hot Tub

    Recover with your Beachcomber Hot Tub

    Experiencing soreness, discomfort and stiffness after running is unavoidable. However, there are ways to help manage the pain and decrease the amount of time you need to recover. Hot water immersion is a method of healing that has been used for thousands of years because it has unmatched regenerative qualities.

    Benefits of soaking in a hot tub after exercise:


    • Soothes your aching muscles and loosens them, which speeds up recovery. This also helps with range of motion and muscle strength.
    • The pressure exerted on the body by water immersion reduces swelling and inflammation.
    • Helps with joint pain. It reduces the stiffness of the joint, allowing you to perform therapy with less pain and more resistance. This type of therapy can lead to faster and sometime longer-lasting rehabilitation.
    • Helps decrease the levels of lactic acid in the muscles you have used while exercising. Lowering lactic acid levels will promote further recovery.
    • The massage jetting in your Beachcomber Hot Tub helps work out the muscles and prevents further stiffness.


    Along with all of the benefits of soaking in your tub after exercising, you also experience that amazing refreshed feeling that comes with emerging from a hot tub bath or sauna. For best results, combine hot water immersion with light stretching and hydration.

    Check out this article on Livestrong for more information.

    February 5, 2016 By Beachcomber Life Excercise Health Wellness
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