• When To Hot Tub With Your Work-Out

    When To Hot Tub With Your Work-Out

    There’s nothing more satisfying in the world than stepping into your Beachcomber Hot Tub and relaxing for 10-15 minutes. This can be even more true when you’re living a super active lifestyle. The hydrotherapy inside a hot tub has been shown to aid in the recovery of your muscles, but when is the best time to go for a soak for the best therapeutic results?

    Follow the cheatsheet below to optimize your hot tub soaking time:



    Before you put your body to work, it’s important to get your muscles stretched and loose. The heat from the hot tub helps stimulate your blood flow and will help you stay loosened up throughout your workout. Try going for soak before setting off on your activity, but be sure drink tons of water as you don’t want to dehydrate your body. 


    Immediately After:

    This is when it’s actually best to avoid jumping into your hot tub. Right after you’ve worked out your muscles, you may experience some inflammation from the areas you’ve targeted. This is a natural stage in the progression of toning your body, but it’s also a time when you don’t want to boost your blood flow. Allow the inflammation to go down and your body to cool off right after you work out. And be sure to drink tons of water and keep yourself safely hydrated. Applying ice or cold water can also help limit blood flow to inflamed muscles so they’ll feel better faster.


    After Cooling Off:

    Studies have shown that when your heart is back to beating at its normal rate and you’ve stopped sweating, a session in the hot tub can do wonders for lowering your pain and increasing your range of motion. Once the initial inflammation has passed, this is when the increase in blood flow will help stimulate healing for the muscles you are building.

    Soaking in a hot tub after a workout seems like the perfect reward for a job well done, and it is! Just allow your body the proper time to have a quick cool down period before jumping in to relax if you want to maximize the wellness benefits of your Beachcomber.

  • Poor Circulation? Take a Hot Tub Soak!

    Poor Circulation? Take a Hot Tub Soak!

    The summer season is the time of year when we’re most inspired to get outside and get active. With the beautiful sunny weather, and extra long days, it’s hard not to want to make the very most of it before the fall creeps back up.

    All that extra exertion can start taking it’s toll if we’re not careful, and the last thing any of us want is to cut our summer adventures short because of chronic pain.

    Those of us who unfortunately suffer from poor blood circulation are at particular risk for muscle fatigue, pain, and in some cases even numbness. People afflicted also report feeling shortness of breath and difficulty when exercising.

    Like any chronic ailments, the first thing to do is see a doctor and get a proper diagnosis. If the results point to issues with your circulation, there is an easy way you can help treat the symptoms, without having to leave the comfort of your backyard.


    Using hot tub soaking to combat poor circulation

    While there are numerous lifestyle changes and medications you can take to improve circulation, something as simple as relaxing for 10-15 minutes a day in your hot tub could create lasting impacts.

    As you submerge your body into therapeutic hot water, your blood vessels begin to open up. This helps lead to lowered blood pressure. The warmth of the water also helps encourage your blood to flow more freely, encouraging better circulation throughout your entire body.

    While a hot tub can not cure poor circulation, it can make the symptoms more manageable, and allow you to continue to live an active, healthy lifestyle. Along with improving circulation, hot tubs have also been shown to help you sleep faster and more soundly, help sufferers of Type 2 diabetes, and even help you burn as many calories as a 30 minute walk!

  • Using Heat Therapy To Treat Sports Injuries

    Using Heat Therapy To Treat Sports Injuries

    Heat therapy has been proven as an effective and powerful treatment in facilitating the body’s natural healing process. But, it’s important to know when to start the application of heat to targeted areas of the body, and how to use it in a way that will be most beneficial to your injury pain.


    How to correctly use hot tub heat therapy to heal.


    Wait until the swelling decreases

    Initially, right after an injury, you will see swelling concentrated in the area. Applying heat right away will increase blood flow and cause the inflammation to rise. This is why it’s best to apply ice right away to get the swelling down and alleviate the initial shock and pain.


    Use heat to rebuild & repair damaged tissue

    Once the initial swelling has gone down, your body starts the long process of forming new tissue where the damage has occurred. The full maturation of this tissue can last as long as one full year depending on the location and severity of your injury.


    This is when you should begin and continue consistent heat therapy.


    Some of the benefits include:

    • Increase in circulation
    • Increase in cellular metabolism
    • Reducing the risk of muscle spasms
    • Increase in oxygen and nutrients into the area to promote healing
    • Increase in extensibility of muscle and connective tissue to help you stretch and reinforce the tissue


    So if you find yourself unfortunately on the wrong end of a sports injury, wait until the swelling has begun to subside and begin using heat therapy in a Beachcomber Hot Tub for 15-20 minutes.


    It’s a building block of a healthy lifestyle, and can keep you active and enjoying the most out of life longer!

    Check out why pro athletes jump in a hot tub after exercising!

  • Summer Family Activities Everyone Loves!

    Summer Family Activities Everyone Loves!

    As the school year comes to a close, children and teens are counting down to the golden days of summer vacation. For parents, that means finding ways to keep everyone active. For teens in particular, too much idle time can heighten their chances for experimenting with risky choices.

    Keeping everyone busy with outdoor activities and promoting family time and healthy choices are the best way for ensuring a productive summer season for all. Spending time together is an important building block in fostering kids’ emotional health, and doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive to plan.

    With a little creativity and action, the best summer for your family yet awaits. Check out our suggestions (for both in and out of the hot tub) below:


    Getting Sporty Outside 

    Whether it be a quick game of pickup football or a casual toss of the Frisbee, being outside and active as a family is a great way to enjoy the warmer weather together. The kids can invite their friends, you can up the stakes by pledging ice cream for the winner, and everyone will soak up some precious vitamin D. Making outdoor sports and team activities a go-to option will also instil in kids that health and fitness is much more fun than screen-time.

    Reading List Challenge

    Kids may associate summer reading clubs with dusty library shelves rather than with a good time. But you can bring the stories outside, To make it a group activity, have everyone read the same book, and chat casually about it over dinner, or place bets on how it will end, and/or where the plot might twist. And if you challenge them with a list of reading – however short – you can set goals for kids of every age to work toward over the span of summer vacation.

    Hot Tub Time

    A timeless relaxation activity, soaking as a family in your Beachcomber is a tranquil way to come together and wind down after a day of summer time activities and day trip excursions. And with so any more activity options available in the summer than in the winter months, family members can see even less of each other than during the routine days of the school year. So your hot tub may be the best place to connect, and catch up. You can take your book discussion into the warm waters too, and sneak in some learning and reflection even while the clang of the school bell becomes a distant memory for the kids.

  • Best Times for Hot Tub Soaking

    Best Times for Hot Tub Soaking

    Let’s say you’re considering investing in a Beachcomber, or you have one already, and it beckons to you from your backyard or patio. Maybe you look longingly back in its direction, but wonder how you’ll squeeze a soak into your busy week?

    Here are five suggestions for the best times to soak in your hot tub:


    1. Post workout

    Recent research into heat adaptation suggests that hot baths might actually boost performance in addition to soothing sore muscles. Consistent exercise in hot conditions is tied to a long-term drop in core body temperature. This in turn results in an increased sweat rate and production of a greater volume of blood plasma – all of which will enhance your ability to perform in the heat. Pair this heat adaptation tactic with consistent post-workout hot tub soaking, for the closest thing to human rocket fuel.


    1. Before bed

    The relaxing effects of spending 20 to 30 minutes in warm water before bed shortens the time it takes to fall asleep, and encourages deeper slumber for a more restorative night.

    According to a study by the New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center, your core body temperature dips naturally at night, beginning two hours before sleep. Soaking in a hot tub for 20 to 30 minutes causes a rise in body temperature, and intensifies the rapid cool-down period that follows, which results in a strong relaxation effect and deeper sleep.


    1. While fighting cold & flu symptoms

    One of the most common reasons for a lingering cough is a build-up of mucus in the throat. The steam of a hot tub can dry out this mucus, as well as alleviate flu symptoms. While you may be tempted to cocoon on the couch with your tissues when sick, a 10-15 minute hot soak can make you feel immensely better and support the immune system fight!


    1. During an at-home spa session

    Skin is most receptive to treatment and healing when it’s warm and pores are open. The cleansing and disinfecting effects of hot water make a hot tub soak a critical part of any pampering. And the convenience of a hot tub in your backyard means that you just need to whip together a face scrub concoction for a post-soak mask, for a spa experience without the hefty price tag of a professional facial.

    To prevent any dryness from over-soaking, make sure to take a quick shower upon leaving your hot tub to remove any excess chlorine, and apply moisturizer for extra softening.


    1. For game night

    If you’re hosting friends to watch the game, consider simplifying your hosting duties by taking your party outside and inviting everyone into the hot tub instead. You can skip all the fuss of cooking an indoor meal: simply set up your TV outside, and prep some easy to BBQ fare in advance, to grill at halftime. For that extra touch, surprise your guests with robes in the team colours!

    There’s no better place to be to celebrate a team victory than in hot tub bubbles. Alternately, in the unlikely event of a tough loss, you can soak your sorrows away.

  • Targeting Lower Back Pain With Hydrotherapy

    Targeting Lower Back Pain With Hydrotherapy

    If you’ve never experienced lower back pain, consider yourself lucky…and most likely overdue. In a survey undertaken by the Saskatchewan Health Authority, half of all participants experienced pain in the lower back in a six month period. In fact, up to 80% of Canadian adults will suffer from this at some point in their lives, and with working environments continuing to become more sedentary and life expectancy increasing, you can only expect these numbers to rise.

    While most people associate lower back pain with over-exertion, sitting and remaining immobile for long periods of time can actually negatively impact our muscles and joints and lead to de-conditioning, fatigue and added stress on our spinal discs which results in chronic pain.

    That’s the thing about lower back pain, there’s almost no escaping your vulnerability to it. Whether we’re at rest or in motion, this part of our bodies is always playing a vital supporting role and is highly susceptible to injury and long-term disability unless we give it the daily relief it deserves. The good news? As more clinical information emerges, doctors and healthcare practitioners are continually looking at hydrotherapy as an effective form of treatment.

    How Can a Hot Tub Help Treat Lower Back Pain?

    When you step inside, the buoyancy and the heat decrease the pressure on joints and other points of the body, and reduces inflammation. This allows you better mobility and the opportunity to simultaneously strengthen and soothe this area of the body. With the propulsion of the jets, a hydrotherapeutic massage results in targeted, penetrating relief into the muscle tissue. It’s why you see professional athletes jump into a hot tub after any sort of intense physical training.



    Beyond relief to the lower back, The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research recently found how this form of therapy is particularly powerful for arthritis sufferers, and even more impressively, another study showed that hot tubs can actually lower blood pressure 10% more than 60 minutes of exercise.

    So keep your body pain free, and find the relief you need to live a full, healthy live inside a Beachcomber Hot Tub!

  • 5 Hot Tub Exercises To Try

    5 Hot Tub Exercises To Try

    When it comes to workouts and hot tubs, most often you hear about the benefits of soaking in a hot tub before you start exercising or as a way to soothe your muscles after you finish. But what about the ways to workout inside a hot tub?

    Hot tubs shouldn’t just be looked at as a place for socializing and having fun. They are also packed with tons of amazing health benefits, that extend to offering a safe, low-impact environment for exercise. This can prove particularly beneficial for anyone with joint pain, sports injuries, or anyone who wants to combine therapeutic exercises with the soothing heat and buoyancy of warm water.

    Remember, before starting any new exercise regime, it’s always a good idea to get the go ahead from your doctor.

    5 water-based exercises you can master inside your Hot Tub


    Shoulder Rolls 

    Standing in the centre of your hot tub, begin your workout with light shoulder rolls, going both forward and back. The heat and resistance in water allows this simple, low-impact movement to improve joint mobility and boost your circulation to your neck and shoulders. Start with repetitions of 20-30 and sets of 3-4.

    Bicycle Kicks

    Sit in your Beachcomber with your legs towards the centre, hold tight onto the edge of the seat with both hands, and elevate your legs without taking them out of the water. Start making a pedalling motion as if you are riding a bicycle, with clean circular movements. Keep it up for 20-30 seconds, and mix up the speed depending on the level of cardio workout you are looking to achieve.

    Leg & Hip Lifts 

    Strengthening both your legs and hips can help improve your balance, add support to your back muscles, and decrease your chances of running into injuries in the future. To achieve results in a hot tub, stand up using the walls or lip for support and carefully extend your leg outward and to the side. For Hips, while seated steady yourself with your hands, and gently lift up your hip muscles, and slowly rest them back down. Repeat 10-12 times, and try to do 2 – 3 sets.

    Arm Circles

    Define and tone your arms extending them straight outward, one or both at a time depending on the size of your hot tub. Then, work them in circles to build up your shoulder and tricep muscles with repetitions of 10-12. Repeat 2-3 times and see how you feel. If you like, add light weights to the workout as you start building more muscle.

    Heel Raises

    Standing flat-footed in your hot tub, raise your heels onto your toes repeatedly for three sets of 15-30 repetitions. This move slims and tones your calves. If you need help staying balanced, contract your core, and place one hand on the wall for support.


    Remember whenever you are practicing any form of exercise always stretch. Warm water loosens up your muscles, making your hot tub the perfect place to stretch pre- or post-workout!

    As always, it’s super important to ensure you are staying hydrated. So whenever you’re in a hot tub, be sure to drink lots of water. Make sure to pay attention to your body during your hot tub workout and exit the water if you ever feel light-headed.

  • [Study] The Health Benefits of Getting Outside for Spring

    [Study] The Health Benefits of Getting Outside for Spring

    As the chill of winter begins to thaw, it’s that time of year once again when we can really start taking advantage of the great outdoors and get back to nature. Spending time unplugged and outside has been scientifically shown as a natural antidote to the adverse effects of stress, a preventative measure against anxiety, and booster for our creativity.

    Despite its well known healthy properties, over the past four decades nature-based recreation has declined over 35% in the US, according to the National Academy of Science.

    Why Stay Active Outdoors

    Learn more about how important building outdoor moments in your daily schedule really is:

    Studies have shown that we  do at least 30 minutes more physical activity  per week when we  workout in nature.

    Makes You Push Yourself Harder

    When we are working out inside a gym, we’re setting strict limits on our pace and the amount of time we are training. Studies have shown that people who take their work-outs outside do at least 30 minutes more of physical activity per week than those who do it inside. The outside also allows our bodies to experience various terrains, hills, and locations, to further strengthen our muscles and joints.

    Makes You Focus

    Trying to concentrate on too many activities or even a single topic for prolonged periods of time can mentally drain us. It even has a name, Directed Attention Fatigue. Being outside and just enjoying the natural scenery can give the cognitive portion of our brain a break, allowing us to focus better and renew our ability to be rational, focus, and patient.

    Lowers Depression

    People who frequent parks and green spaces have been shown in studies to have lower rates of depression and blood pressure. They have also been shown to be more social than those people who avoid the outdoors. We believe there’s no better place to add an outdoor moment to your day routine than in the tranquility of your backyard inside a Beachcomber, which itself has been shown to lower stress and depression and improve cognitive health. Spending time in nature has also proven to be a viable booster of creativity, with a study from Outward Bound participants showing a 50% boost following a four day forest expedition.

    Fresh air itself is full of antibacterial qualities that reduce our risk for numerous serious diseases.

    Helps You Fight Disease

    The Department of Environmental Conservation has published reports that show the correlation between breathing in fresh air and disease prevention. Fresh air is full of phytoncides. These airborne chemicals given off by plants, have antibacterial and antifungal qualities that help plants fight disease. When people breathe in these chemicals, our bodies breathe in these benefits and have been shown to reduce our risks for numerous diseases including cancer. Click here for more details.

  • Do Hot Tubs Really Help With Weight Loss? Get The Facts!

    Do Hot Tubs Really Help With Weight Loss? Get The Facts!

    A few weeks back, a study from Loughborough University went viral, with headlines across every major publication declaring a big breakthrough in weight management. Using a sample of men, the University discovered that soaking in hot water for 60 minutes had the same calorie burn as a half hour run. Even more surprising, the hot water soaks contributed to as much as a 10% higher decrease in blood sugar than high endurance cardio training.

    So what does it all mean? Can we forget exercise all together?

    The real takeaway from these findings shouldn’t be to diminish the impact of regular exercising, but instead to focus on the real impacts hot tubs can create in helping you live your healthiest, fullest lives.

    By combining successful weight loss ingredients, including healthy eating and regular work-outs, with regular hot tub soaks, you can amplify your results and improve your chances of sustaining an overall healthy outlook.

    Here’s A Few Of The Ways Hot Tubs Help You Lose Weight

    • Speeds up your post-exercise recovery time, by providing muscle relaxation, and improving circulation and lowering blood pressure.
    • Soothes joints and increases your ability to move freely (helping you avoid chronic injuries that can keep you off your feet).
    • Promotes an alert and clear mind to help you stay focused on your weight loss goals.
    • Reduces mental stress and alleviates the risks of insomnia.
    • Has been proven to help you fight against conditions including diabetes and arthritis that can keep you from attaining a manageable, healthy weight.

    Beyond weight loss, a hot tub, through the stimulation of blood vessels, can help tone body tissue and reduce fluid retention and swelling. The combined benefits of this has been shown to help diminish the appearance of cellulite.

    So the next time you think about having a soak in a hot tub, remember it’s doing more than just making you feel good – it can actually help you look even better!

    Now it’s time to find The Perfect Beachcomber For You!

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