September 12, 2016

Best practice for winterizing your hot tub

Not sure about what to do with your hot tub this winter? This article lays out your options, as well as gives some suggestions as to best practices.

Often time’s people who don’t want to use their hot tub at all during the winter will simply drain in it and refill it in the spring. Although this takes some time to do, once done it’s a great way to maintain your tub through the winter.

Another way to go if you’re interested in bathing throughout the winter is to simply drain and fill your hot tub in the fall. This helps assure clean and clear water, while also allowing you to continue to enjoy all of the therapeutic benefits of your tub for the duration of the colder months.

Whichever your preference, here are some basic steps to take to assure that your tub stays in peak condition for as long as possible.

How To Winterize A Hot Tub

For those not interested in using their hot tubs during the winter

  1. Make sure all electrical components are turned off, including the breaker
  2. Open all jets and control valves before draining the tub
  3. Clear the plumbing lines by turn on the blowers
  4. Clean and dry the shell
  5. Put your cover on and secure it


For those who would like to continue using their hot tub during the winter

  1. Stock up on sanitizer for the winter. Continue to add chemicals like you did in the summer
  2. Keep an eye on your tub water level. Your water can freeze and cause problems with the heater and pumps
  3. Assure the tub maintains its temperature so that the piping doesn’t freeze
  4. Put your cover on and secure it
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