May 3, 2018

Best Features of the 40th Anniversary Editions

To commemorate 40 year of Beachcomber, our team of engineers wanted to design a limited collection of hot tubs that would highlight the superior hydromassage performance, timeless style, and incredible energy efficiency that have been the benchmarks of the Beachcomber brand.

The resulting 720, 570, and 360 Anniversary Edition models truly take hot tub excellence to the next level.

The Design

Melding style and function, each of the 3 Anniversary Edition models features ergonomic, flexible seating configurations and expansive footwells to ensure maximum comfort for all bathers. As the traditional gift for a 40th anniversary is the ruby, a red gemstone sparkle has been infused in the all-new Rubionyx acrylic. Our distinctive LED-lit waterfall features add a calming ambience, while our 720 AE model is adorned with exterior Star Trail corner lighting to highlight the sleek horizontal enviroskirting. Premier interior lighting includes Crescent Moon lights integrated into the handgrips, and pinpoint Eclipse lighting to add safety and atmosphere during evening soaks.  Air Connect Surround Sound wirelessly connects to all bluetooth enabled devices, and bathers can enjoy up to 147 jetting configurations thanks to Beachcomber’s patented FlexJet technology.

Performance & Energy Efficiency

Every Beachcomber Hot is built from scratch using only the finest-quality materials and exacting production standards. Year after year, we continuously benchmark against our past constructions, with the all-new Anniversary Edition models delivering the best hydromassage jetting performance, with the lowest operational costs. Our 4-wall 100% cavity-filled insulation, ensures heat remains trapped, keeping heating costs up to 33% lower than the competition.

Price Points

All Anniversary Edition models reflect the incredible quality and massage performance of Beachcomber Hot Tubs. This year, we chose to create special models across all 3 of our signature series line-ups, with a 720, 570, and 360 Anniversary Edition available for customers. By widening the price point, we wanted to give customers with varying budgets the opportunity to bring one home – with 30% in savings across all 3 hot tubs.

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