July 12, 2018

Benefits of working out in a hot tub

We often hear about the benefits of jumping in a hot tub before and after a workout, but what about working out while bathing in a hot tub? Light stretching and exercise while soaking in your Beachcomber Hot Tub can help you extend and accelerate your workouts.

This style of exercise is great for everyone from athletes to seniors. It’s low impact and can easily be tailored to match your abilities.

 Tips for a hot tub workout:

  1. Go slow through each of your stretches and exercises. The resistance of the water will make up for the speed of your workout.
  2. Double your normal amount of reps. Your body isn’t forced to exert as much energy when working under water because of the water’s buoyancy.
  3. Be sure you’re balanced while doing any of these exercises, this will help you stabilize your movements.
  4. Avoid holding static stretches in cool water.
  5. Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.

Working out in a Beachcomber Hot Tub can effectively strengthen your muscles, shape your curves, and lose weight. There’s never been an easier or more comfortable way to shed pounds!

Remember to always stay hydrated before, during, and after enjoying your Beachcomber Hot Tub!


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