May 31, 2016

Beachcomber’s Signature Insulation

Beachcomber signature insulation design is the feature that truly separates us from our competition. The insulation that is added to our hot tubs during the manufacturing process is a specialized type of expanding foam. It’s perfectly designed for our hot tubs, filling every available space within the hot tub cavity. This insulation sealing system is blown into the cavity of our hot tubs to seal every crevice and prevent moisture, heat or air penetration.

Beachcomber Hot Tub Insulation:


Hybrid3 Insulation

Our Hybrid3 hot tub insulation called “Protec” first debuted in 1983. It featured an external equipment design sitting ”cab forward’, or outside of the main cavity of the hot tub. Protec also included a safety step which provided a better way to enter and exit our hot tubs. Protec was changed in 2009 to Hybrid3. By removing the motor from the main cavity of the tub, the Hybrid3 design allowed us to fully insulate all 4 sides of the tub – allowing for maximum energy efficiency.


LEEP Insulation

Just like with the Hybrid3 insulation, we spray the specialized eco-friendly icynene expanding foam into the structural cavity of the hot tub. Unlike in the Hybrid models, where we remove the motor from the interior cavity, the LEEP models are designed with insulation on three sides of the hot tub. Although the Hybrid3 models have more insulation around the cavity, the LEEP models are much more self-contained.


When researching hot tubs, it’s incredibly important to take into account insulation. Insulation is key to maintaining energy efficiency and low energy costs with your hot tub. Because insulation is not a flashy detail, many companies overlook it when designing their tubs. Beachcomber went against this industry standard practice, increasing our production costs to assure our customers the highest quality and best value hot tubs.

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