July 7, 2016

The Versatile Cleaning Power of Purezyme

Beachcomber’s Purezyme is one of our best-selling water care products. It contains natural microbial enzymes formulated to eliminate scum, reduce odors, and improve water clarity. This product is 100% biodegradable and completely environmentally friendly, in fact it’s produced in a similar manner to beer, but with molasses and seaweed.

While it’s an extremely useful and effective in our hot tubs, this product is also effective for other cleaning tasks.


Eliminate Harsh Odors

Often chemical products just masked the bad smells that they’re supposed to be removing. With Purezyme, those bad smells are completely removed by the microbial enzymes. This helps completely remove them and refresh the air.


Clean and Sanitize Spills

Adding some Purezyme to spills on carpet is a perfect way to clean-up and remove that stain from your carpet. The natural enzymes in Purezyme attacks the stain particles and splits them into smaller forms. In doing so, it clears up the stain and removes the bad odors created by the stain.


Remove Nasty Shirt Stains

Purezyme is extremely benefitial for removing stains on your shirt. With a little Purezyme and some water, you can safely, effectively and quickly get rid of stains. The Lipase Enzyme within the Purezyme eats away at the particles that are causing the blemish.


Revive Dirty Upholstery

Dirty and gross upholstery is a major turn-off. It can make a luxurious car or a couch less appealing. Through using Purezyme as a cleaner, you can revive this dirty upholstery. This product eats away at the dirt, freshening it and making it cleaner.


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