May 4, 2017

Beachcomber Hot Tub Control Panel

The control panel on Beachcomber hot tubs is an important management part of the system. It’s an extremely important Beachcomber Hot Tub part.

While the exact messages and controls on the panel depend on the model that you own, the general elements of it are the same. The important elements that are controlled by the control panel are throughout your hot tub. From the lighting, to the blower, and of course the heat, are controlled by elements on the control panel.

Below are just some of the aspects of your hot tub that are managed through the control panel.



Beachcomber’s blower helps with the amazing performance that comes from the Flexjet system. Our blowers are different because they produce an extremely powerful and consistent stream of air through every jet in the hot tub. Other hot tubs don’t maintain the same consistency that are system does.



Whether you’re using the Everlite system or our other lighting system, the control panel is able to manage all of them. While adjusting the brightness and color is great, doing it with the simplicity of one-touch is even better. Beachcomber’s lighting system creates an extremely luxurious and romantic mood.



This is an obvious one, but it is incredibly important. If you have any issues managing the temperature of your hot tub, you should first look for an error code on your control panel.

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