December 13, 2016

Beachcomber Flexjet Classification

Beachcomber’s flexjet program allows for easy removal and replacement of many of the jets in your hot tub. Having the ability to customize your hot tubs massage allows each bather to experience the exact type of relaxation that they want.

Depending on the model, the Flexjets are strategically placed to massage you from the cervical to the lumbar region of your back, while more jets target your leg muscles. In the 700 Series models, added Reflex Foot Massage jets complete the full body massage.

Types of Beachcomber Hot Tub Jets


Accu-Jet or Small (V, X): This is our smallest jet. It provides the most direct and accurate massage.

Mini-Jet (P): Beachcomber Mini-jets bring a constant flow of water through a unidirectional jet.

Medium Jets (E1): Our medium jets come in many varieties and are most often used on the back of seats to create our signature lower lumbar massage.

Large Jets (E2): Our large jets come in many varieties and are most often used on as part of the back and foot massage jetting patterns.

Extra-Large Jets (E3): Our large jets come in many varieties and are most often used as the anchor for the upper-back massage.


Styles of Jets

Our medium, large and extra-large jets come in a variety of different flow styles.

Pulsators: Our Pulsator jets pushe the water and air mixture through twin jets. Its spinning center hub spins along with concentrated water pressure, creating a steady, pulsating massage.

Vortex: Our Vortex jets provide a pinpoint or targeted deep tissue massage, using a single stream of water and air mixture, cut with flutes. The flutes twist the water upon exit to create turbulence and massage force.

Massage: Our massage jets offer three or seven separate jets (depending on size). This full body massage jetting system is enhanced by a rotating centrifuge that distributes the water through the jet holes to provide a vigorous massage.

Roto: Our Roto jets offer a single jet, housed in a centrifuge orifice for vigorous massage. The centrifuge spins, along with the directional jet stalk.

Twin Roto: Our Twin Roto jets offer a twin ported, spinning interior fixture that provides a pulsating soft tissue massage

Directional: With a Beachcomber Directional FlexJet, you can customize your personal massage using this articulating jet: the jet can be adjusted to any direction to point a single, powerful stream of water towards a specific area, where you need it most.

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