August 4, 2016

Beachcomber Error Codes – Modes and Part Issues

If you’re experiencing problems with your Beachcomber hot tub, it’s important that you check the tub control panel for any error messages. These messages will help guide you when trying to troubleshoot your own hot tub or explain the issue to a certified technician.

Here are some examples of error messages and the subsequent actions required:

Beachcomber Hot Tub Error Codes Explained

Message Meaning Action Required
–F / –C Temperature unknown. After the pump has been running for 2 minutes, the temperature will be displayed.
Std / St


The hot tub is operating in Standard Mode. No action required. Refer to Heating modes page to change this mode.
Ecn / Ec


The hot tub is operating in Economy mode. No action required. Refer to Heating modes page to change this mode.


The hot tub is operating in sleep heating mode. condition. If the display shows only this message (periodically blinking), The hot tub is shut down. No action required. Refer to Heating modes page to change this mode.
G.F.C.I. breaker

will not stay

on or trips


If hot tub is new; the load neutral wire has been inserted on the neutral buss in the panel.Load neutral wire should be inserted into the G.F.C.I. load neutral connection.

Heater element is defective and leaking current to ground.

G.F.C.I. is worn out or defective. Class A, G.F.C.I. breakers should not trip below 5 milliamps of current leakage.


Call your Electrician to change location of the load neutral wire.

Call your store for service to replace the heater element.

Call your electrician to replace your G.F.C.I.

Jet pump is

surging on high speed.

Water level is too low on hot tubs that use a jet pump for filtering.

Plug in center of Microfilter basket is not in place on non-Hush Pump equipped hot tub.

RFM jet nozzles are pointed toward the large suction fittings in the foot well.

Raise water level in hot tub to at least ½ way up the skimmer opening.

Install plug in basket, insert from top of basket.

Redirect nozzles up and away from the large suction fittings. Turn off all air control for RFM jets.

Neck jet does not shut off. Internal portion of two piece neck jet has been unscrewed by turning too far to the left. Carefully pry the faceplate off with a flat head screw driver and then thread internal back in. Then pop face plate back on and tighten internal by turning face plate clockwise.


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