November 8, 2016

Featuring: Beachcomber Energy Calculator

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Not sure about how much you’re willing to spend each month to run it? Don’t trust the numbers quoted to you by sales staff trying to sell you on a specific brand and model?

You’ve come to the right place!

Hot Tub Energy Use

Beachcomber’s Energy Calculator is the best way to find out the true amount that you will pay per month to run your tub. While certain variables such as environmental temperature, frequency of use and filtration settings will effect energy consumption, this calculator will give a great feel for what you’ll spend each month.

Try it out here.

Contributing to Beachcomber’s class-leading efficiency is our energy saving management system, hot tub cover, high efficiency insulation and energy efficient LED lighting. These elements combined with our overall ergonomic and environmentally friendly design, separates our hot tubs from the competition.

Just remember to consider energy and durability when shopping around for hot tubs. Although some models and brands have a lower sticker price, that doesn’t that in the long run they’ll turn out to be the cheaper model. In fact, the cost to run and fix a cheap, small hot tub is often destined from the start to cost more than a more reliable, more expensive model or brand.

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