June 18, 2018


Good backyards are functional. Great backyards are functional and beautiful. You can create the perfect backyard, reflecting both function and your own personal style, on any budget, by doing your research and making a plan. Here are a few tips for your own backyard dream design.

Backyard Design Tips


Whether your space is small and intimate or large and spacious, think about the different zones for the various installations you have in mind and mark them out with tape during this initial design phase.


Be realistic in how much you can fit into your space. If you are dealing with a smaller backyard, keep in mind that you still need traffic flow and pathways between the fixed items you are looking to include.


As you decide on the different zones for your backyard space, look at it from several different angles including your indoor windows. For the harmonious layout you hope to carry from inside the home into the outdoors, it’s important that you have a complete vision of what you will be looking at from various viewpoints.

Take it in Stages

Even if you’re on a budget and want to build your outdoor living area in stages, it’s recommended that you have the complete layout planned before you set-up permanent structures.

Invest in the Long-term

As you calculate your budget, think about the areas that mean the most to you. Certain landscaping details might be nice aesthetically, but over-allocating resources could quickly drain your resources. Investing into a quality table for outdoor conversation, and an outdoor hot tub that can be used by family and friends all year, provide incredible utility for your investment. Look at ways to dress up the details on a budget, while giving yourself the show-stopping enhancements you always wanted.


Even if your yard is quite small, maximize space and function by setting apart specific areas. With a great plan in place, you can go ahead and get it done and be sure to plan enough time and resources.


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