July 11, 2016

Are spa pillows all they are built up to be?

Spa pillows are sold by most hot tub manufacturers as the perfect addition to make your soak that much more comfortable. Although they are becoming increasingly popular as hot tub accessories, owning spa pillows takes some care and diligence. These comfortable accessories can be easily effected by the wet and steamy environment of the hot tub. If not cared for correctly, mildew can start growing on the pillows making them unusable.

Caring for Spa Pillows

Remove pillows when not bathing

This is simple, yet important because it prevents mildew from accumulating. After removing them from the hot tub, be sure to quickly dry and store them away. This will maintain their look and feel, as well as save you the hassle of having to buy new pillows every few months.


Clean the pillow area on the tub

A quick wipe down and cleaning of the pillow area will prevent regrowth of mildew and mold. It’s important that you use a soft brush or sponge to gently and thoroughly wipe every little area of the pillow area.


Clean the pillow cover and foam core

After cleaning the pillow area, you need to clean the pillow cover and foam core. For the cover, use the same soft brush or sponge for the majority of it, then if need be a toothbrush, if there are areas that you can’t clean with the broader heads.

Finally, cleaning the foam core of the pillow is vital. Use a brush and cleaning solution to sanitize the cores. If you don’t clean the foam thoroughly, bacteria can attach itself to the core, causing mildew and bacteria, both of which could easily contaminate your water.

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