August 19, 2016

Featuring Beachcomber’s 750 SLB hot tub model

While holding the distinction of being the most expensive Beachcomber hot tub model, the 750 SLB is a perfect place for peaceful conversation with friends and family. With seating for 8, plus 1 cooling seat and up to 192 fully customizable jets, it’s fully suitable for all of occasions.

The Ultimate Beachcomber Hot Tub Experience

One of the best features of this hot tub model is its Eclipse LED Lighting with Lit Controls. Having back lit controls makes the SLB equipped hot tub easy to use at night. You can easily find all controls to allow you change functions of the hot tub to your individual desires. The SLB LED Backlit Control Valves option includes the Reflex Foot Massage topside control valve, the twin Air Control Topside Valves, the Roman Arch Waterfall Topside Control Valve and the main Topside Control Touch Pad.

Another SLB exclusive feature present in this tub is its QSS system. This surround sound system is designed for the moments when you just want to sit back and unwind after a long day at work. With this system, the hot tub shell is completely transformed into a high quality, resonant speaker, giving you a sound experience coupled with massage therapy that is unmatched. This is a 100% unique experience, available only in the SLB equipped hot tub.

Whether you’re looking for an executive hot tub to entertain friends with, or just a comfortable spot to re-connect with family, the Beachcomber 750 SLB model is a flawless addition to any household.

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