May 10, 2017

5 of the World’s Greatest Healing Waters

Water really is everything. As we all know, without water we simply wouldn’t survive. Not only that, but staying properly hydrated each and every day is essential for increasing our energy, adding a glow to the skin, and even revving up the metabolism.

Besides drinking adequate amounts, soaking our bodies in water can be hugely beneficial to our health – even more so than exercise.

Not all water is created equal, however, and there’s a few spots around the world where people have flocked for centuries to experience the natural, healing effects. Get inspired by our list of some of the most famous healing waters across the globe and discover your very own fountain of youth, (it might be closer than you think!)


Healing Waters Around the World (and at Home in Your Hot Tub)


Bath UK

Bath, United Kingdom

The only spot in Britain where you can soak in natural mineral waters, the town was first frequented by the Romans and Celts over 2,000 years ago. Ancient sites meet modern amenities, with historic spa buildings blending in with the contemporary design of the modern city. It’s a true oasis just outside of the London sprawl. 

The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea, Israel & Jordan 

This famed body of water is 33% salt and has 8X the amount of magnesium, calcium, and potassium compared to regular sea water. At 400M below sea level, the Dead Sea is famous for being the lowest point on Earth. It is also famous for its amazing healing waters – so chock full of minerals that nothing can live in it.

Budapest Spa

Budapest, Hungary

Soaking in the baths is a way of life in Budapest, sometimes referred as the “City of Spas”, thanks to the healing waters found throughout, including the Szechenyi, the largest outdoor thermal bath in all of Europe. The massive pools rich in fluoride and metabolic acid are all over and it’s said that the city’s well water can treat ulcer and gallbladder issues and calcium deficiency.

Natural Spa

Arima Onsen, Japan

Located just north of Kobe, this hot spring has been attracting wellness-seekers since 631 and is the oldest spa destination in Japan. Scientists have studied the health benefits of nine substances found in the springs, including sulfur, carbon dioxide, hydrogen carbonate, chloride, sulfate and iron. A trip to the Onsen is a part of Japanese culture, and locals head to the natural hot springs water for relaxing and relief from muscle pain, hypertension and other ailments.

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