December 4, 2015

5 Hot Tub Myths Debunked

A lot has been said about hot tubs over the years, both good and bad. Whether you own a hot tub currently or are thinking of investing in a backyard spa for your home, Beachcomber Hot Tubs has a rundown of some of the most frequently asked hot tub misconceptions.

The Real Facts About Hot Tubs 

Myth #1 – Insulation is not necessary

The biggest misconception in hot tub construction is in the required amount of insulation under the hot tub shell and / or in the hollow air cavity. Most manufacturers skip this step to preserve cost with little to no insulation under the shell in their hollow air cavity. Independent testing laboratory tests concluded that “[Insulation] is the single most important factor affecting hot tub and spa energy efficiency.” All Beachcomber models have blown-in spray foam that expands and fills air cavities with energy saving insulation. Food for thought: Would you purchase a house without insulation?

Myth #2 – Having more jets improves the performance of a hot tub

As you shop around for your new hot tub, you may hear may a difference of opinions; some companies pride themselves on having more jet ports, but this may also increase the price of your hot tub significantly as your tub will require more motors and horsepower to operate the jets. Secondly, drilling too many jet holes in a seat can deteriorate the structure of the hot tub shell.

At Beachcomber we believe in having jetting strategically placed to target specific muscle groups with each FlexJet allowing up to 7 jets for maximum impact. Beachcomber’s FlexJets give you outstanding performance without compromising structural due to our reverse engineering philosophy. This engineering allows us to give our customers a Lifetime Guarantee that the structural laminated fiberglass composition of the hot tub will never leak.

Myth #3 – All hot tubs are created equal

Don’t be fooled by the initial costs of a poorly constructed hot tub, as you may be paying more over time with service and repairs, versus a high quality Beachcomber product. It’s a fact that most hot tubs have an average life span of 5 years, while Beachcomber hot tubs have a reputation for lasting over 25+ years! The environmental impact of discarding an old hot tub is significant, not to mention the cost of disposal, which is typically around $500. So rule of thumb… The longer it lasts, the less it costs you!

Myth #4 – Pillows attached to your tub are the best

One of the biggest problems with synthetic pillows that are adhered to the lip of the hot tub shell is that they stain, absorb bacteria, become unsanitary and will have to be thrown away over time. Beachcomber has developed comfortable contoured head rests that are artfully placed and ergonomically sculpted directly into the hot tub to prevent warping, fading and are easy to clean!

Myth #5 – Higher horsepower is better

The more motors and pumps you have in a hot tub/spa just adds more cost in service and energy bills. We use reverse engineering to direct available horsepower effectively so that each jetting location delivers just the right power for the best jetting massage. When you lower horsepower or remove motors you use less energy and thus pay less to service and operate your hot tub.

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