November 9, 2016

Why does my spa cover smell?

Find that there’s a bad smell around your hot tub? Have you cleaned everything around your tub and are still effected by the smell? This smell could be emanating from your hot tub heatshield.

There are a few common reasons for these smells.


Damaged Heatshield

Rips and holes in the cover allow moisture to sit and mold to fester. It’s important that you often dry and clean the vinyl of your cover to prevent water from sitting.


Dirty Cover

If your hot tub is outside, your cover is being exposed to the elements on a constant basis. This means that rain, wind, dirt and dust are constantly landing on it. Over time, the hot tub cover will become dirty. This dirty and grime combined cold temperatures create the perfect environment for mold and mildew to grow.


Check your Water

Unbalanced water in your hot tub can allow bacteria and other types of schmegma. Once this water is turned into steam and covers the inside of your spa cover, the bacteria can continue to flourish on the cover itself causing the bad smells that make you turn and run.


Although there are easy ways to get rid of this smell, it’s important that you take specific precautions to assure that your efforts are effective. First, always keep your heatshield clean and free of debris. While simple, this will prevent rips and tears from occurring, as well as keep mold and mildew from growing on your cover.

If you follow these above precautions, you’ll have a fresh and clean hot tub cover for an extended amount of time.


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