August 31, 2016

What temperature should my hot tub be kept at?

Hot tubs are built to create a serene environment that is perfectly suited for connecting with family and friends. Although setting up your tub is easy, know what temperature to set it to before you hop in.

Suggested Temperatures

The maximum recommended temperature for hot tubs is 40° C. There’s 7-8° degree range below 40° that we suggest heating your hot tub to. Anything below 32-33° means bathing in warm, not hot water.

In the winter, turning the temperature up to 40 C is ideal because it will often drop to around 37.5 C when the cover is off. If you’re bathing in a larger model, allow for a few degrees of temperature drop when the hot tub is in use.

If you’re bathing in a smaller tub, we suggest not turning the heater past 38 C, as it’s more difficult to lower the temperature in these models. It’s important that these are just recommendations, and it’s always best to try out a few different temperature levels to see what best suits you and your family.

Beachcomber Hot Tip: Beachcomber’s signature 3 and 4 walled insulation added to all our tubs combined with a vacuum sealed heatshield cover, is the best way to maintain the perfect temperature in your hot tub at all times.


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