December 4, 2015

Water Care Systems in Hot Tubs

Water care is quite simple for us at Beachcomber. We offer two different water care systems Chlorine or Bromine. It’s one or the other.

Water Care System

If you are on a bromine system, and you add chlorine, the chlorine sacrifices itself to become bromine. So that is the first thing to remember, is that bacteria grows very quickly in hot water, exponentially in fact! That’s why Chlorine or Bromine is needed, so that you don’t get a virus, or get sick or have skin irritations.


There are many alternate forms of water care programs out there, many of which use an enzyme product. Enzymes have properties that help filtration, break down organics and remove odor. But an enzyme in any form does not sanitize water, it assists with water clarity. Many manufacturers of these types of products give 90% of the information about their product, and downplay how chlorine discs or shock is required, and in some cases don’t mention it at all.

If you have questions about these, or any other Beachcomber water care systems talk to Beachcomber today.




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