July 27, 2016

Used Hot Tub Buying Tips

Helping you find the best deal on a great hot tub for your family is important to us. That’s why many of our local Beachcomber independent stores carry used and refurbished tubs in their stores. These hot tubs are fully inspected by certified technicians to make sure they meet our rigid standards. They also come standard with a great warranty that assures you long-lasting quality.

Here are some great tips that you should keep in mind while searching for that perfect used hot tub.


  1. Know What You’re Looking For

This is especially important when looking at used hot tubs because the lack of features and options makes it critical that you know exactly what you want. Write out a list of the most integral features that you and your family value in a hot tub, then show that to your salesperson. The 3 most important aspects to keep in mind when making this list are seating, jetting and options.


  1. Establish a Budget

Adhere to a rigid budget that you’ve established beforehand. Having this will help you narrow your focus and prevent you from becoming overwhelmed while shopping. Do your best to find a balance between the features you want and your desired price point.


  1. Try Before You Buy

Don’t fall for the first tub you think looks good. Always make sure you test out different styles of jetting, seating, lighting, etc. Also, make sure you have an independent hot tub technician look over the hot tub before you buy it.


  1. Design your Installation

Put together a comprehensive plan for your full hot tub installation. Whether you’re planning a bunch of landscaping work or just a simple cement pad, it’s important to do plenty of planning before installing your new hot tub.


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