March 21, 2017

University Study: Hot Tubs Can Lower Blood Pressure 10% More Than 60 Minutes of Exercise

With so many cultures and practitioners swearing by the benefits of regular hot baths, researchers at Loughborough University decided to investigate.

Their study looked at the effect of a hot bath on blood sugar control and on the number of calories burned with a group of 14 men partaking in the experiment. The men were assigned to soak in a hot bath or partake in an hour of cycling.

While cycling resulted in more calories being burned, soaking in the hot water resulted in as many calories being burned as a half-hour walk and the peak blood sugar after eating was 10% lower when participants took a hot bath compared to when they exercised. 

The study also suggested that repeated passive heating, from soaking in hot water, contributes to reducing chronic inflammation.

While the health benefits of hot tubs remains a relatively new field of research, the results that have emerged in past few years have been exciting to say the least.

In addition to the cardiovascular benefits of passive heating, there is evidence that regular hot tub soaking may also have beneficial metabolic effects. A study from Colorado’s McKee Medical Centre that looked at the effect of hot tub therapy in patients diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, showed improvements in body weight, blood sugar control, and reduced insulin dependance.


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For the full study from Loughborough University
McKee Medical Centre Study


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