November 29, 2016

Troubleshooting a Noisy/Broken Hot Tub Pump

A noisy hot tub pump is a common troubleshooting item in many older or less well-maintained hot tubs. Whether you’re hearing a loud buzzing, grinding or clicking noise, you can usually assume it’s coming from the motor.

Having a technician come look at your hot tub is crucial and what we suggest you do if you’re experiencing any issues. There are a few

Buzzing or Humming Noise

A buzzing or humming noise is often a sign of a seized or otherwise damaged pump. This sound usually comes with other symptoms such as:

  • Little or no water circulation
  • Topside control panel shows OH, DR, FLO, or DRY
  • The tub is having trouble circulating water

Grinding Noise

A grinding noise indicates a motor with bad bearings. Because bearings do wear over time, it’s best to have these checked every time a hot tub technician takes a look at your hot tub. Once you hear a grinding noise, it’s a sign that you need to order new bearings because the grinding is a sign of damage.

Tripped Breaker

A tripped breaker will cause your hot tub pump to stop working. As a solution, try disconnecting the heater and then flipping the breaker back on. If following this the breaker trips again, try disconnecting the pump and then flipping the breaker on. If the breaker doesn’t flip when the pump is disconnected, the hot tub pump is your problem.

Obstructed Pump

A loud Beachcomber hot tub pump can also be a sign of an obstruction being present within your pump. With an obstruction, the pump will be forced to work harder, thus making a noise as well as creating unnecessary wear within the components.

In general, we suggest having a certified hot tub technician take a look at your hot tub if you’re experiencing any issues.




2 thoughts on “Troubleshooting a Noisy/Broken Hot Tub Pump

  1. Dennis Beskorowany says:

    Just started up my tub again filled it with water heater won’t kick on and no water coming out of bottom foot massage

    1. Peter Grant says:

      Hi Dennis, we are so sorry to hear of this issue, please send an email with full details (including serial number) to & a member of our Technical Support team will be able to assist.

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