• How Much Space Do You Need for Your Hot Tub?

    How Much Space Do You Need for Your Hot Tub?

    In choosing your hot tub and planning for your installation, the question of how much space you will need is a big one (pun unintended!) To help you narrow down your options, consider the following questions:


    1. Will my hot tub be located indoors or outside?
    2. How much space do I have available on my deck or patio?  Measure carefully and then re-measure to be sure.
    3. What are the measurements of door openings, fence gates or deck stairs for getting my hot tub to its destination?  Check the dimensions of your [planned or purchased] hot tub’s length, width, and depth.
    4. Will it pass through interior doors or exterior gates?  Check the weight of your hot tub both empty and filled with water. Will your deck, patio, or room floor support its considerable weight?



    If you’re comparatively shopping, you’ll notice that most hot tubs are square or rectangular (the 321 is the only Beachcomber we offer in a circular shape) and have a footprint between 6 and 8 feet. Keep in mind, you will need additional space of 1 to 2 feet around at least two sides of the hot tub to allow for maintenance.

    We also have a variety of capacity options, accommodating anywhere from 2 to 8 people, with the average size designed for 5 to 6 adults. So consider the number of people that will be making regular use of your tub. If you are planning on using it for yourself and your spouse, a smaller 2-4 person capacity will be perfect. If you have a family of five and are looking for something you can enjoy socially with your kids, look for a hot tub that fits more. And if you have small children, finding a model with a cool-down seat is important as it allows smaller bodies to safely perch higher above the water.


    An excellent option for those with limited space are our smaller footprint Limited Edition tubs!



  • Celebrating 40 Years Of Putting Families First!

    Celebrating 40 Years Of Putting Families First!

    On February 14th, 1978, Beachcomber Hot Tubs was founded and incorporated by Keith & Judy Scott. 40 years later today, Beachcomber is an internationally-renowned brand, selling award-winning hot tubs, accessories, and water care products worldwide.

    The beginning of Beachcomber Hot Tubs

    On our 40th anniversary, we are looking back to where it all began.

    Keith Scott was inspired by his childhood working in the family restaurant his mom and dad started outside of Vancouver, BC. There, he learned the value of quality and outstanding service in creating lasting relationships with customers. After working in the pool industry, Keith noticed a gap in quality in the then emerging hot tub and home spa marketplace. Keith, along with his wife Judy, was determined to build something better, and started Beachcomber Hot Tubs with a simple goal: to build the best quality hot tub in the world.

    The Evolution of a Quality Brand

    It started with the manufacturing of hot tub shells, delivered along with a package of pumps and plumbing parts, that allowed customers to put the pieces together themselves at home, but this process was still unsatisfactory. Next, Beachcomber began building portable models, following the standard construction model of housing the equipment inside the cavity. We have continued to evolve this model into our LEEP construction, building the leaders in energy efficient portables through continuous innovation.

    It was during this time in the early 1980s that Beachcomber’s world-famous Hybrid construction was born, revolutionizing the industry. The idea, which may have seemed a little crazy at the time, was to move the power equipment outside of the cavity and under the steps of the hot tub. This allowed all 4 walls of the interior to be 100% insulated, delivering never-before-seen energy efficiency in our industry. The importance? With heat retained at a much higher level, our hot tubs have continuously been among the least expensive to operate for owners, making them an unmatched long-term investment.


    Looking to The Future

    Today, Beachcomber continues to build hot tubs following the same principles of the past 40 years. Every model we produce is constructed by hand from within our Surrey, BC factory by a team of local craftspeople and engineers who are committed to maintaining the durability, comfort, quality, and value that only the name Beachcomber can represent. 40 years later, we are still a family business, in the business of putting families first. And thanks to families across Canada, the United States, and worldwide, putting their trust into choosing a Beachcomber for their home, we continue to do what we love.





    Thank you for making our success possible. Here is to the next 40 years of adding health and happiness to your home!

  • Escaping the Winter Blues

    Escaping the Winter Blues

    If the winter months have you feeling particularly blah, don’t despair! Taking a tropical vacation is not the only way to get away, when you invest in a daily hot tub escape.

    Winter blues are usually caused by a combination of missing the energizing effect of longer days of sunlight and feeling stir crazy with less opportunities for getting outdoors in the cold. Combat this with the year-round outdoor retreat that a hot tub in your yard can provide.

    In addition to giving you a reason to get up off the couch and into fresh air, winter time hot tub soaking will rejuvenate you, improving both your health and your temperament.


    The following health benefits of soaking will help keep the winter blues at bay:


    1) Balancing hormones

    Studies have shown that soaking in hot water results in a combination of increased blood flow and relaxed breathing, which in turn causes an increase in levels of “happy” hormones like serotonin and dopamine, and a decrease in “stress” hormones like cortisol and epinephrine. This balance in hormones can help to treat the emotional and physical symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression.


    2) Achieving deeper sleep

    The heat of hot tub water naturally raises your core body temperature. As you exit, your body temperature will enter a cooling period. This process mimics the pattern of body temperature changes before and during sleep, which ultimately helps you achieve a deeper sleep. And improved sleep is one of the best weapons you can have to combat stress on an ongoing basis.


    3) Mental reprieve from physical symptoms

    Whether your ailment is standard post-workout muscle soreness or advanced arthritis, physical pain understandably takes a toll on mental energy. While your body is healing inside the bubbling water of your hot tub, your mind will be freed from thoughts of pain. Use this opportunity to practice letting go of other mentally draining thoughts, such as work worries or routine responsibilities, and just focus on indulging in the solitude of your backyard oasis.


    4) Opportunity for meditation

    If you’ve ever wished you could master clearing your mind and achieving perfect serenity, your hot tub is the perfect place to practice meditation. You can use aromatherapy candles (in soothing scents of lavender or vanilla), and play calming nature sounds to help distract you from racing thoughts. Practice taking slow deep belly breaths as you focus on the warm water enveloping your body, and the strains of the music, if you choose to use it. Begin with a goal of 4-5 minutes of consistent focus, and slowly work your way up to sessions of 15 minutes. Eventually, you’ll be able to harness the calmness and clarity that you can achieve here, and call upon it during moments of stress in your day.


    And just remember to stay mindful of your water temperature and level during the winter months, for maximum energy efficiency..


    Water Temperature

    The idea that you’ll save money by raising and lowering the temperature of your hot tub water in the winter months is a misconception. In fact, the colder it gets, the longer it takes for your hot tub to heat up. This means that it’s more economical to leave the water at a constant temperature, which will also keep the water from freezing in the pipes. And of course, make sure to cover your tub as soon as you’ve finished soaking, to seal in the heat.


    Water Level

    If you don’t use your hot tub every day, make sure to check the water levels regularly. Should they drop too low, the pumps and heater may stop working, which can cause the water to freeze.


    Experiencing any such winter-related issues would certainly NOT help in fighting the winter blues!



  • Finding the Right Hot Tub When Space is Tight

    Finding the Right Hot Tub When Space is Tight

    If you don’t have one already, a hot tub is likely high on your wish list, but may also seem impossible if your backyard space is limited.

    Before you write off your dream backyard oasis, consider the versatility of a smaller footprint tub. Finding a hot tub that fits into a tighter space requires some foresight and planning but it certainly doesn’t mean that you’ll have to sacrifice on massage capacity or comfort. By measuring your space carefully and factoring in the tips found in the Pre-Delivery Guide and checklist, you can find the Beachcomber that’s perfect for your space. The new Limited Edition models are ideal for tight spaces – both the 540 and 710 are small footprint tubs, fully loaded with premium features and maximum jets. To help you choose your preferred model, consider also the location that you plan to place it in. The surface ground for installation can vary from wood decking to a cement pad or interlocking patio bricks. Paired with creative landscaping, thoughtful placement can make even a small outdoor nook feel like your private backyard oasis.


    While deciding on the location of your hot tub, remember that you’ll get more enjoyment from it when it’s about 10 feet from your back door, for quick and easy access. Also ask yourself the following questions:

    • Who will get the most use out of the hot tub? If you have small children, safety will undoubtedly be one of your top concerns, so factor in any railings, shrubs, trees or overhanging gutters as obstacles, when planning placement for space efficiency.
    • Will you be inviting friends out to enjoy it? Is seclusion your main goal? Or would you prefer a more central location?
    • Will you have to install any privacy features? A small space can lend itself well to a cozy hot tub installation, but you may have to think about shielding accessories such as patio umbrellas or strategic shrub placement.


    Remember to plan your delivery route as well, for a smooth and efficient installation process. And once you’ve checked everything off your planning checklist, put aside concerns about space and remember that beautiful summer nights and long winters provide the perfect setting for relaxation under the stars in a space efficient Limited Edition Beachcomber!



  • January Inventory Clearance Sale Now On!

    January Inventory Clearance Sale Now On!

    With the holidays of merriment and overindulgence now behind us, you may be full of resolutions for better health or money management. And while a one-shot solution for help in both areas may seem impossible, it doesn’t have to be! What if 2018 is the year that you invest in yourself, by investing in a hot tub?


    For the month of January only, our Inventory Clearance Sale is on, both online and at participating dealer locations!


    Take advantage of your last chance to take home a 2017 model from one of our showroom floors at an incredible savings, with the option to pay nothing with 0% interest for the first 6 months, valid on all 2017 models purchased from Jan. 1st to the 31st.


    Your wallet will appreciate you now, and the health improvements from hydrotherapy in your new Beachcomber will be felt for months (and many more New Years!) to come.




  • Staying Stress Free In A Hot Tub This Holiday Season

    Staying Stress Free In A Hot Tub This Holiday Season

    It might be the most wonderful time of the year, but stress and the holiday season sometimes go hand in hand. It’s a busy time, wrapping up work, school, and not to mention presents! So how can you escape the holiday headaches and keep yourself focused on the magic of the season?

    Take 10-15 minutes a day for yourself with a morning soak in your Beachcomber Hot Tub!

    It’s scientifically proven. Hydrotherapy, or submerging our bodies in therapeutic warm waters, has been shown to effectively balance our nervous system and encourage the release of endorphins which positively impact our physical and mental state. Endorphins help trigger a feeling of pleasure that can keep you feeling good all day, even when waiting in endless checkout lines for those last-minute presents.

    Scientific evidence also shows that immersing yourself in hot tub water relieves muscles tension and reduces cardiovascular stress.

    So give back to yourself this holiday season with the gift that keeps on giving!

    Only a few weeks remain to take home a Limited Edition Beachcomber Hot Tub with over $5,000 in savings.



  • Why You Should Invest in a Hot Tub Over a Vacation

    Why You Should Invest in a Hot Tub Over a Vacation

    While counting down to an annual or semi-annual vacation can inject some excitement into the daily grind, it may not be the best choice for sustained fulfillment. Memories can last a lifetime, this part is true, but isn’t it better to create those memories on an ongoing basis, rather than wringing them from experiences that happen once a year on vacation? If your family has a tradition of a visiting a particular destination, it may be hard to break from that tradition. But check out some comparison points below, and consider the benefits of a hot tub investment instead, to create new traditions for 2018!


    Enjoyment Frequency 

    A Beachcomber can last 15 to 20 years or longer with proper maintenance and water care. Vacations, on the other hand, are unfortunately never quite long enough. There is also much less planning and fewer logistical factors with a one time hot tub purchase, when compared to those involved in planning a vacation.



    A hot tub provides daily or at least weekly opportunity for relaxation, meditation, connection and socialization with family, friends and neighbors. Depending on where vacation leads you (think calorie laden buffets in Vegas or boozy drinks and sunburns on an all-inclusive beach week), these getaways may have the opposite effect on your health.


    Connection and Reflection

    There is nothing quite like soothing warm water and the pressure of jets upon sore muscles to help you reflect on emotional and physical wellness. Meditating in your hot tub on a regular basis can also help you achieve mental clarity and psychological health.

    The distance and time away of a vacation can bring you clear-eyed perspective as well, which is useful in re-evaluating goals and determining what matters. But the problem is that resolutions discovered while away can often be lost in the frantic pace of the day-to-day back home.


    Of course, a major factor in crunching the numbers to compare the two purchases (hot tub vs vacation), is the extravagance and cost of the trips that you take. But regardless, the consistency of a hot tub does a better job than vacations in maintaining the health, relationships, and mental clarity that contribute to happiness, making it a better lifetime investment overall.





    Final weeks to order a Limited Edition model with savings of $5,608!


    Learn More 


  • Five Tips for Staying Active this Winter

    Five Tips for Staying Active this Winter

    As temperatures dip and snow is in the air, you may feel more in the mood for sipping eggnog by the fire than for crushing workouts. But even without a gym membership, you can maintain small changes and wise decisions during the colder months. Making use of these five tips will help you counteract the holiday feasting with healthy habits, and keep you on track for a healthy 2018!


    1) Be Prepared


    Particularly if you continue to run outdoors during the winter months, make sure you layer up accordingly to protect yourself from the biting chill. Shorter days also mean less daylight in the mornings and evenings, so consider reflective bands to make yourself visible in the dark. One of the most important factors for energized and focused workouts is a motivating playlist, so prepare your music in advance and switch it up often enough to keep it effective. And if you’d rather avoid the outdoors in the winter but don’t have a gym membership, investing in some basic equipment (ie. small weights and resistance bands) for callisthenic exercises at home will ensure that you’re never without exercising options.


    2) Be Accountable


    Schedule frequent workouts with a friend to keep yourself motivated. The holidays are undoubtedly one of the busiest seasons of the year, and it can be tough to find time to catch up with friends you haven’t seen in a while. But planning to work out with a friend that you’ve been wanting to catch up with anyway can kill two birds with one stone. You can also challenge each other to try something new, and give yoga or a spin class a try.


    3) Be Adventurous


    The colder months introduce an entire menu of winter sports! Maybe try snowboarding or skiing for the first time, or consider revisiting an activity that you last enjoyed in childhood. Joining your kids for an ice skating or sledding session, for example, can make family time physically rewarding as well. Or add some callisthenics the next time you make snow angels, by doing snow sit ups and planks while you’re down there.


    4) Stay Hydrated


    To counter all the boozy beverages you may be enjoying at Christmas parties, make sure that you up your regular water intake. This is particularly important while exercising in winter because thirst isn’t as obvious in the cold. But your body is still expending energy and sweating, so make sure you rehydrate!


    5) Maximize Flexibility


    Switching up the focus of your regular workouts in the winter can ensure variety and a balance of physical benefits. If your main goal is usually strength training, prioritizing flexibility gains can be a great way to take advantage of time spent indoors, as stretching can be done anywhere! And of course, soaking in your hot tub surrounded by snow is one of the best parts of winter. Increasing the frequency of your soaks and following them with a stretching session will help you stay limber in the cold weather. Maybe also try adding a yoga or pilates video for a full cold weather routine.


    If you don’t yet have the Beachcomber to ease your winter workouts, now is the best time to grab your Limited Edition tub, on sale until Dec. 31st!

    Final weeks to order a Limited Edition model with savings of $5,608!


    Learn More 


  • When To Buy A Hot Tub For Spring

    When To Buy A Hot Tub For Spring

    For a lot of Canadians, the winter months can mean nothing but snow, ice, and freezing temperatures. With your yard under a foot of fresh powder, thinking about installing a hot tub might not seem like something that really makes sense. “Waiting for spring”, is the response that we hear most often from prospective buyers this time of year.

    “When the snow melts I’ll start looking”. 

    While we agree this might not be a bad plan, particularly if you are in a colder climate, the one thing it doesn’t take into consideration is the manufacturing and delivery time required for a new hot tub to make it into your backyard.

    At Beachcomber Hot Tubs, as well as any other major spa manufacturer, you’ll likely find the option to purchase a pre-built or floor model. However, the majority of customers end up looking through the options and finishes available, and decide on a customer build that perfectly aligns with their needs and budget.

    Manufacturing A Hot Tub Takes Time, So Plan Ahead! 

    Manufacturing a hot tub takes time, and depending on the location of your home, delivery can also add an additional week or two to the process. This is why, before you decide on holding off until warmer weather, you should start looking for a hot tub that will be ready in time for you to enjoy this spring.

    Even if you purchase now, you can request an installation date that works for your climate. That’s why making a decision a few months ahead of time is the best way to ensure you’ll have a hot tub exactly when you want it.

    Final weeks to order a Limited Edition model with savings of $5,608!

    Buy Now & Get It Delivered When You Like This Spring.

    Learn More 



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