March 15, 2016

Simple tips for landscaping around a hot tub

A Beachcomber Hot Tub is a great investment for your home that could help add value to your properly. Taking the time to put together a landscaping plan that suits your backyard and home exterior prior to delivery can save you the headache of trying to change things around once it’s already setup.

Here are some simple tips to create beautiful landscaping that compliments your hot tub.


Hot Tub Base

While there are many materials you can use to place your hot tub upon, it’s not something that you should glaze over when considering how you will setup your installation. The base layer of your installation can set the tone for how the rest of the landscaping around looks. Placing your hot tub on stone pavers or patio. Another option is to place your hot tub on a concrete slab or sunken into decking.

Beachcomber Hot Tip! When planning out where and how to place your tub, be sure to leave enough room around the tub to allow for servicing and draining.



By adding a few flowers, plants and other shrubbery, you can blend your hot tub into the scenery of your yard. It’s not necessary to go overboard with the amount of flower and plants, even a few of them can naturalize the look of the tub. Evergreens, and Taxus Yew trees are always a nice addition because they look good all-year long.

Beachcomber Hot Tip! Be mindful of not placing your hot tub underneath trees as this may require extra maintenance due to falling leaves and needles getting caught in the mechanics of the tub.


Shade and Exposure

Finding a place that’s intimate and out the neighbour’s view is the key to creating your own personal oasis. Planting some large trees along your fence near the tub can help create a more private hot tub installation. Another option is to install a Covana with privacy screens to provide privacy and shade during those warm spring/summer days.

Beachcomber Hot Tip: Plan your hot tub installation on paper and consult with your local Beachcomber retailer before purchasing. This allows them the opportunity to advise you on any items you may have not considered.




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