April 22, 2016

Restarting your hot tub for spring

Often hot tubs are left unused for long periods of time during the winter. Although this is a good way to save on heating costs, it can come with some adverse effects. This is why it’s important to take steps to clean up your tub after leaving it for an extended period of time.


Remove and Clean your Filters

Once your hot tub has drained, check out your tub’s filter for any obvious wear. Even if the filter is clean, be sure that you rinse it to be sure that it has been fully cleaned off.

Drain and Fill

Water, and especially hot water, is an amazing breeding ground for bacteria. Leaving it for a long period of time means that it will almost certainly go bad in some way. It’s extremely important that you drain out the sitting water in your tub and clean the acrylic before you start bathing in it again.

Flush the Jets

Flushing the jets after you drain the tub allows you the chance to completely clean the lines prior to re-filling the tub with water. Choose a quality plumbing cleaner such as Beachcomber’s Microcleanse.

Clean all accessories, acrylic and enviroskirt

After flushing and draining the tub, wipe all of the accessories, acrylic and enviroskirt down with a small hand cloth. When wiping the tub down, be sure to use force and make sure you’re able to get into every small area of the tub.


Taking these few simple steps will help you maintain a clean hot tub that is the envy of the whole neighbourhood.




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