August 3, 2016

Myths about Chlorine Generators

Many hot tub manufacturers suggest using chlorine generator systems as your only source of water care. This article was written to DISPEL these claims and keep you from investing in a product that, in the long run, will damage your hot tub.


The Automation Myth

With these type products, consumers are led to believe that they work like a thermostat. Some company’s sell this system with the promise that it will self-monitor and adjust output as required to ensure proper water sanitization. This is false. There is no proven self-monitoring system available on the market. All of these chlorine generation system require user maintenance and vigilance.


The Convenience Myth

As with all hot tubs, regular maintenance is required. In fact, with salt water systems even more maintenance is required. You must constantly clean electrodes, monitor chlorine levels, and add additional sanitizers with varying bather loads. Other than filling a floating puck dispenser once every week or so, a chlorine generator requires the same level of weekly consumer maintenance and care.


The Environmentally Friendly & Safer Myth

Both chlorine and bromine products are made from natural ingredients. The position that Salt is a natural product and is somehow less detrimental for the environment is false. Numerous government bodies throughout North America have banned salt water pools/hot tubs due the negative environment impact they pose.


Lower Cost Effectiveness Myth

Over a 12 year period a Salt or Bromine Generator Tub will cost 68%-148% more to operate than a hot tub using Chlorblast. Due to the corrosive nature of salt, it is estimated that the heater element will need to be replaced every 3 years versus 5 years with non-salt products. In addition, if the user does not have the technical aptitude to remove and clean the electrodes every 3 months, the cost of service calls will be higher. Plus, you have just added one more component to the hot tub that can now potential break down.


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