October 26, 2016

Microfilter Kit by Beachcomber

Looking for a simple way to preserve clean and clear water? Try out our new Microfilter Kit. 

This kit provides you with everything you need to maintain clear water throughout the winter months.

Hot Tub Chemicals in the kit:


This is an extremely important kit because of how vital a proper filtration system is to maintaining clear water. Clean microfilters don’t just ensure clean and clear hot tub water, but also healthier water, better circulation, lower sanitizer consumption and overall better performance.

Our Beachcomber Microfliter Kit contains everything you need to keep it your water and filter clean. This will in-turn improve it filtration performance and enhance your water clarity.

Check out this kit as well as all of our other great water care offers on our online store.


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2 thoughts on “Microfilter Kit by Beachcomber

  1. Howard Pruden says:

    New tub owner here😊

    I noticed a yellowish ring at water level on the sides of the tub! Is there. Preferred cleaning product I can use to wipe off the scum? How do I minimize the tub ring, is something the floating sponge is supposed to be used for.



    1. Peter Grant says:

      Hi Howard, please send an email to technical@beachcomberhottubs.com and a member of our Customer Care team will be able to advise you on this issue. Thank you!

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