July 12, 2016

Importance of Beachcomber Genuine Products

Every Beachcomber hot tub is handmade with incredible care and attention to detail. They’re hand-crafted with the highest quality parts and products. That’s why our product is one of the best and most reliable in the industry.

It’s our goal to provide every one of our customers with an amazing experience before, during and after they’ve purchased one of our hot tubs. This is why our factory produces genuine Beachcomber parts to assure best performance throughout the life of your hot tub. We bring you the highest quality replacement parts built specifically for your hot tub. When shopping around, be sure you ask especially for genuine Beachcomber Hot Tub parts.

In addition to our online store, we have retail stores across the country who are able to service your hot tub. It’s important to us to provide you with quality parts and service should you need them. Should you ever have a question or concern, you are always welcome to call our Beachcomber Care staff in any of our four Development Centers located in Vancouver, San Diego, Toronto and Montreal.

Our Beachcomber care staff will also be able to help explain and talk you through the benefits of our Worldwide Guarantee. Our guarantee helps us ensure that all of our customers remain satisfied with their Beachcomber hot tub.

Our retail local store owners and staff are all very well-trained to provide you with the best service when replacing Beachcomber parts. Be sure that your Beachcomber is always serviced by a certified technician who is knowledgeable about all of the tub’s features and options.



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