November 12, 2015

How to Plan for The Perfect Patio

With the summer months approaching, you want to have a fabulous outdoor space to entertain friends and family, have backyard parties or even just dine al fresco outdoors when the weather’s warm. But here’s the problem: you don’t know how to begin designing your perfect backyard patio.

Well, with some expert tips and a little guidance, you’ll be able to create the best patio to full embrace and enjoy the long summer nights!

Here’s a couple tips to keep in mind before and during any patio renovations to turn your backyard into an intimate outdoor living space:


  • No matter the flooring material you choose (granite, hardwood, stone or concrete), make sure you keep the flooring consistent to all the different spaces on the patio to keep the rooms from feeling too frenetic and unbalanced
  • Combining built-in & freestanding furniture can help differentiate and delineate different patio spaces (ie. having freestanding couches around a built-in fire pit)
  • Directing the view on a patio is important. By situating a bench or a long outdoor sectional on one end of the patio, you encourage visitors to look out at the rest of the yard
  • Instead of using plain concrete to build any built-in furniture, considering adding some stones or tile mosaic for some whimsical design elements.


Does your vision of a perfect patio include a gathering spot or a focal point? A fireplace, a pool or even a waterfall feature can be a great gathering spot. To make a feature stand out though, consider the following ideas:


  • Do you want the stone of the fireplace or water feature to blend into the floor of the patio?
  • Are you looking to create built-in seating around the gathering spot by using the same material as the fireplace or water feature?
  • Think about the types of colors and patterns you want to use to draw attention to the space and make it a focal point


Even when it comes to the rest of the patio, think about having a color scheme. If your color scheme is more on the neutral side, try mixing it up with subtle patterns with different brick sizes to spice things up. If your color scheme is more vibrant and warm, use more neutral stone for the patio floor, built-in seating and focal points.

If you have a larger grass backyard behind the patio, consider planting more lush greenery like flowers, green ferns and possibly even some herbs and vegetables to seamlessly transition the patio into the grass yard. Also consider planting some narrow upright trees to separate each area (dining, fireplace etc.) from each other as well as to provide shade.

One last tip to help you start to build your perfect backyard patio: if your patio extends to another yard, make sure you plant a row of short hedges to ensure privacy and property division.

Now you have an expert checklist in hand to help you create your patio paradise!

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