November 6, 2015

How To Drain & Re-Fill Your Hot Tub

The best time to replace your hot tub water is before winter hits. Doing this in the fall will help you get through the winter months without having to drain and then refill your hot tub. It’s also a great opportunity to inspect your hot tub and its components for any signs of damage and wear. Making any necessary repairs and doing some preventative maintenance will save you from having to do an emergency repair later! We’ve created a step by step approach below to help you through the process of getting your hot tub ready for winter.

Neutr – All

You must always remember this one rule: When you’re draining your hot tub, test the water to make sure that it’s free of chlorine and bromine. Chlorinated hot tub water can damage grass and plants, as well as ground water. Use Neutr – All to reduce the sanitizer level to zero before draining.


Microcleanse is a liquid cleaner that’s used to remove scale, sludge, calcium and biofilm accumulation in the pipelines of hot tubs and whirlpool baths. Before you drain the hot tub, simply add Microcleanse as directed on the back of the bottle, circulate for 1 hour, drain, rinse and re-fill the hot tub. Microcleanse should be used at least once per year.


The average Beachcomber Hot Tub can have up to 250 feet of plumbing lines underneath! Keep them clean by using Microcleanse at least once per year.



  1. Turn power off at the G.F.C.I. breaker or disconnect the power switch (do not use the standby feature).
  2. Locate the black drain/fill valve shown below, found inside behind the door on a Portable LEEP model or under the step on the Hybrid Edition. Remove the safety cap from the fitting threaded into the valve.
  3. Attach the female end of your garden hose and place the other end at a level lower than the drain/fill valve to ensure complete draining. To open, turn the outer part of the drain/fill valve counter clockwise to open and start the draining.
  4. Draining time will vary from model to model.
  5. Once the hot tub is drained and empty, disconnect the garden hose and close the valve.



Before refilling the hot tub, ensure that the tub is rinsed well with fresh water with the floor drain open. This will make sure that any residual acrylic cleaner will be rinsed and not end up in the water. Close the floor drain, fill up the footwell then open the floor drain. This helps to rid the hot tub of any contaminants that have ended up in the low lying plumbing lines. Close the floor drain and refill the hot tub; stop filling once the water is half way up the skimmer opening. You are now safe to turn on the power at the GFCI. After the hot tub is circulating, add the startup chemicals as per the Tethys Water Care Software printout.


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16 thoughts on “How To Drain & Re-Fill Your Hot Tub

  1. Robert Proulx says:

    I ended up with a product to clean the scumb line on the tub from a local supplier. I do not particulary like the product and want to know what is the best and easiest way to wipe down the tub interior that will also not affect the new water that will be refilled. This job is usually tedious and would like to have a simpler way to wipe it all down and remove and scumb lines.

    1. Hi Robert,

      The best product for cleaning up scum lines is Tub Clean. It will clean all of the scum lines, and it won’t effect the water that is refilled.

      Thank you,

      Beachcomber Care

  2. Gordon Keith says:

    We own a 300 HotTub. Last fall I emptied and cleaned the hot tub, removed the filter and closed and locked the cover. The motor connections were opened and the pipes blown out, including all the pipes in the motor unit.
    Over the winter some maple keys appear to have made their way into the pipes feeding the Hush pump. I flushed the pipes from the filter to the motor connection and I flushed the hush pump pipes (Both ways).
    I then refilled the HotTub and started it. It appeared to run normally and the heater came on. About an hour later it started showing Dr (Dry heater), then shut down. I suspect that I have not got all the debris out.
    Do you have a suggestion on what to do next?

    1. Hi Gordon,

      I would suggest getting the tub inspected before taking anymore steps. Although I would suspect that some debris is still blocking the pipes, there could be other problems.

      Thank you for reaching out.

      The Beachcomber Team

  3. Hi Owen,

    Are you trying to drain the hot tub? The drain actually is managed through the management system under the step.

    Let us know, we’re always happy to help.

    The Beachcomber Team

  4. John says:

    I have a Beachcomber 360. I just had it installed in December. I have opened the black drain valve and attached a garden hose – water ls just trickling out? at this rate it will take days to drain…. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi John,

      It sounds like your valve is either plugged or damaged in someway. I would suggest giving our technical department a call at 1-800-663-6557.

      They’ll be able to talk you through some troubleshooting options over the phone, then if need be setup a technician appointment.

      Thank you very much,

      The Beachcomber Team

    2. Dave Hariniuk says:

      We use a submersible pump.
      The tub drains in about 20 minutes this way. Then you only have to drain the little bit left in the footwell with the floor drain.

  5. Sherilyn Duteau says:

    We have the small Leep 321 circular tub, that you just plug in..
    We have followed directions for winterizing…but I can still see a small
    Amount of water when I look down where the big filter has been removed..
    We cannot seem to get anymore water out..
    We live in the Okanagan and it normally does not freeze very we n Ed to
    Worry about this small amount of water.?

    1. Hi Sherilyn,

      You don’t have to worry about this small amount of water. However, if you’d like to get rid of it, I would suggest using a sponge.

      Thank you very much,

      The Beachcomber Team

  6. Robert says:

    The article references Deep Clean 5, yet there is no product listed in the Beachcomber store. Is Micro-cleanse the replacement for Deep Clean 5???

    1. Hi Robert,

      Yes, that’s correct. Microcleanse is the replacement for Deep Clean 5.

      These are very similar products, except Microcleanse is environmentally friendly and more effective.

      Thank you very much,

      The Beachcomber Team

  7. Patrick says:

    What chemicals do I need to add once tub is re-filled?

    1. Hi Patrick,

      Which water care program are you on? Do you use chlorine or bromine?

      Thank you,

      The Beachcomber Team

  8. Murray says:

    Hello. I am new to hottubs and recently purchased a house with a 550X pre-installed. I am finding that the water level drops significantly over the period of 5-7 days. I see no noticeable water around the base of the hottub (I might add, the deck has been built around the hottub and is difficult to access). What would be the best way for me to tackle this issue?

    Also, I am from northern Alberta (Canada) and the ‘warm weather’ season is short and concerned with Winter well on it’s way to start “opening things up”.

    I am unaware of what the Sellers of the house have in terms of maintenance, what would be the best suggestion in my case?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Murray,

      With this much water loss, I would hazard to guess that there’s a leak. In these cases, I would say have a tech come look at it ASAP.

      As you mentioned, with winter coming freezing is going to be a large issue. To prevent any further damage as winter comes, I would drain the tub completely after you know what the issue is, or if you don’t want to have a tech look at it until spring, drain it fully now.

      Thank you very much,

      The Beachcomber Team

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