January 13, 2015

The 5 Healing Properties of Hot Water

Injuries are part of life, but how you recover from them is up to you. Here are some ways that hot water immersion can promote faster healing:

  1. Hydrotherapy increases circulation. By warming up your muscles, it increases their blood circulation. More blood flow means more nutrients to help cells regenerate in order to speed up the healing process.
  1. The increase in blood flow helps to remove the buildup of lactic acid in the blood, decreasing pain.
  1. When our bodies are immersed in water, water pressure helps to reduce swelling.
  1. The water’s buoyancy helps to decrease the pressure on joints and other parts of the body as it cuts the body’s weight in half. Water also provides more resistance to movement than air which is a great way to help build strength during rehabilitation from injuries.
  1. Immersion in warm water also helps to increase joint mobility and reduce joint stiffness. For example, people with arthritis and lower back pain experience greater flexibility and less pain with regular use of warm water immersion.

Physiotherapists recognize that hydrotherapy can lead to a faster recovery, which is why there’s been an increase in hydrotherapy being recommended as part of rehabilitation programs.

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