June 2, 2016

How Beachcomber’s Pre-Delivery Guide helps?

Having a hot tub dropped off can be overwhelming. From setting up the pad, scheduling the drop-off and setting up the electrical, there’s a lot of moving elements that can affect how successful and smooth the delivery goes.  This is why Beachcomber has created a Pre-Delivery Guide. It’s a short guide that covers everything that you need to know to make this experience as seamless as possible.


Laying your Foundation

It’s important to have your hot tub placed on a flat, level spot in your yard that will support its weight. We suggest using patio blocks because they are easy to lay down with sand, a perimeter border, a long, straight board and a level. You can however also create a cement pad, crushed gravel area or interlocking bricks. Using a level is key to ensuring that your spot remains flat.


Placement of your hot tub

Your Beachcomber store has a Site Survey Template Kit that they can bring to your home to measure the space for your new hot tub. Whether it’s on a deck or on a pad, this is a simple and effective way to plan the perfect location for your hot tub. Be sure when planning your placement location that you consider obstructions such as trees and bushes.


Planning the delivery route

It’s vital that you take the time to sketch out a quick map for the delivery personnel when they deliver your hot tub. A map like this is invaluable because it ensures that the delivery people follow your instructions when they arrive.


When considering purchasing a Beachcomber, always make sure that you’ve asked plenty of questions of your sales rep, as well as read not just our Pre-Delivery Guide, but also The Nature Of Beachcomber and our Customer Promise Brochure.




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