August 16, 2016

Can the Lighting of Your Hot Tub Improve Your Mood?

The therapeutic elements of bathing in a Beachcomber hot tub are plenty. It can help relieve pain from sore muscles, relax the mind with soothing scents and calm the body with comforting acoustics. Did you know that there is also a therapeutic element to Beachcomber’s Everlite system?

This system is designed with elements of chromotherapy in-mind. Our lighting system is built to help to enhance your bathing experience through the use of light therapy. If you haven’t heard of light therapy before, don’t worry it’s fairly obscure. It’s based around the idea of using the visible light spectrum to cure human maladies.

Each shade of light has a different effect on the body. Here’s a quick breakdown of what each colours helps with.



Having a warm blue or turquoise light while in your hot tub will create a serene, peaceful environment. It will reduce stress and calm your mind.


Green is considered to be the purveyor of comfort and harmony. It’s another colour that will relax your mind and find inner calm.


If you’re looking to bring some energy to your day, turn the colour of your Everlite system to Orange. This colour will re-invigorate your tired mind.


Having a yellow shaded light will trigger creativity and confidence. The bright colour is considered uplifting and will undoubtedly turn your spirits around.


Embrace romance and courage with red colour tones while bathing in your hot tub.


While it’s counterintuitive, white is a great colour for bringing about a cool and soothing environment while bathing in your Beachcomber hot tub.


Enhancing your Beachcomber bathing experience can be as easy as simply switching on the lights and embracing whatever your desired mood is.


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