October 6, 2016

Hot Tub Yoga – Pose #5

The Flamingo

Difficulty: Beginner

Bend your legs while placing your hands together in front of your face to replicate a Flamingo and stretch your legs, arms and abdominal muscles.

How to do this pose:

Stand up in the footwell of your Beachcomber. Start by bending your knees and raising one foot in the water. Once raised, rest the lifted foot on the back of your other leg. Assure that you’re stable in this position. To help stabilize your body, find a steady item or place around your tub that you can lock your eyes onto.

As the final part of this position, straighten your back and clasp your hands in front of your face. It’s important that your arms maintain a 90 degree angle. Be very careful to focus on all 3 elements (arms, core, legs) of this position.

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