July 27, 2016

Hot Tub Hobbies

There’s nothing quite like relaxing with friends and family in your Beachcomber hot tub. It’s a perfect way to spend a warm spring or summer afternoon. Here are few other hobbies that are perfectly suited for enjoying while in your hot tub.


Bird Watching

Having a bird guide and a pair of binoculars close by your hot tub is a great step towards taking up this timeless hobby. It’s important to remember that birdwatching isn’t about constant vigilance or creating stress for yourself, but rather it’s about bettering your ability to take in your surroundings. To become a good birdwatcher, make sure that whenever you see a bird you always take note of its size, shape, sounds and coloring. Once you’ve registered its characteristics, check your guide and slowly familiarize yourself with the flying fauna in your area.



Enjoying a good book is always a great way to relax, however reading while bathing in your hot tub is absolutely serene. Whether you’re interested in relieving stress after a long day of work or just doing it to become engrossed in a great story, reading in your hot tub is a great way to liven up both activities.


Listen to Music

Immersing yourself in the comfort of music is a great way to add another level of comfort to your hot tubbing experience. Adding music will help you set the mood for your soak. Whether you’re celebrating with friends or just relaxing with family, the ambience of sound makes every soak better.



Taking some time for contemplation is a great way to settle your mind and allow your body to relax. By adding meditation to your daily hot tub routine you can lower blood pressure, relieve stress and reset your mind.


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