December 4, 2015

Hot Tub Game Ideas

Kick your party up a notch with hot tub games that really break the ice! These games are a fun and different way to make your next party memorable while not breaking the bank.

Hot Tub Pong

What you will need:

12 plastic cups

2-4 ping-pong balls

Beer or other favourite alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverage

Plastic liners (optional)

Line up plastic cups on the edge of the hot tub and fill them with your favourite alcoholic beverage. The objective of the game is to get the ping-pong balls into the cups. Feel free to create your own rules.

How to Play:

1) Create two teams of 1-2 people
2) Fill each cup a quarter way with your beverage of choice
3) Line the outside of your tub with the plastic lining to prevent the drink from damaging decking or flooring. This step is optional.
4) Have each player stand on the opposite side of the tub that they are aiming for.
Each player throws the ping-pong ball aiming to get the ball into the cup. If a player gets the ball into the cup, the opposite team drinks.

Duck the Duck!

What you will need:

Rubber ducky

Place the rubber duck into the hot tub with the jets on. The only objective of the game is to not let the duck touch your body. Any other rules are up to you!

Water Balloon

What you will need:

Large sized balloons

Be prepared to have your mind blown by this game! For this game, large size balloons are passed out to the players. Give everyone a balloon, or make teams of two people.

Once every player has their balloon, they hold it over the spa jets and fill the balloon with water! As the balloon fills up more with water it gets harder to manage as it gets so huge and unruly which makes it difficult to continue filling it up. Whoever gets the largest balloon without popping it, will be declared the winner.

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