March 22, 2016

Health Benefits of Beachcomber’s Reflex Foot Massage Jets

We all know the benefits a single foot massage can have on our well-being and mood, however we too often ignore the pain they experience. Our feet carry us all-day, yet when it comes to caring for our body they are some of the last parts that we consider. With Beachcomber’s Reflex Foot Massage Jets you can receive all the benefits of a professional foot massage while also enjoying the comforts of being at home.

While improved mood and increased relaxation are just some of the benefits of our RFM jets, listed here are some other, less obvious benefits.


Improved Circulation

Although we use our feet to get around all-day long, the muscles in them don’t actually get much of a workout. This prevents adequate blood flow in your feet, causing pain and stiffness. Adding a 10-20 minute massage session to your daily hot tub soak will greatly improve blood circulation in your feet, as well as cut down on the foot pain experienced in everyday life.


Prevents Foot and Ankle Injuries

By improving the blood circulation in your foot, RFM jets help with the recovery and strengthening of the muscles in your feet. Adding foot and ankle strengthening exercises and stretching can further prevent injuries and speed up recovery time.


Lowers Blood Pressure

High blood pressure has become very common among people in our high stress society. A 10-minute foot massage session three times a week can significantly reduce the stress inflicted upon your body by the effects of high blood pressure and anxiety.


Helps Relieve Pain from Flat Feet

People with collapsed arches or flat feet often experience pain after physical activity because of inflammation and ligament damage. Regular deep massages from our RFM jets can help ease or even cure these pains.





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