December 31, 2015

How to Extend the Life of your Hot Tub Water?

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Nothing is more relaxing than soaking in a hot tub on a cold winter day. Using Beachcomber Soft in your hot tub helps minimize maintenance preventing having to drain and fill by helping your water stay balanced. Now with a fresh apple scent, Soft is super-soluble and easy to use. Soft has the ability to buffer and prevent fluctuations in pH. Its neutral formula allows it to be absorbed into the water quickly and gives the water a silky smooth feel, for comfortable and enjoyable soaking. Simply balance your water, then add Soft to lock in that balance!

With the long winter months approaching, use these helpful tips on how to extend the life of your hot tub!

  1. Ensure your water pH levels between 7.2-7.8. Changes to the pH levels outside this range can cause eye and skin irritation, as well as equipment damage to your hot tub.
  2. Keep the levels of Calcium at 150-200 ppm. Calcium may start depositing on to surfaces if Calcium levels are too high, dilute with fresh water with a lower Calcium level. Ensure that water is balanced.
  3. Maintain a range of 100-120 for Total Alkalinity. The alkalinity governs pH in water; pH will follow it up and down. Maintaining this range with help stabilize pH.
  4. Prevent high levels of Total Dissolved Solids. This is the measure of all dissolved solids in your water like dust, sand, dirt, lotion and other organic compounds. Showering before entering your hot tub is a great way to prevent this.
  5. Cleaning your Filters Regularly. Rinsing your Microfilter each week, and giving it a deep clean once a month allows the filter to properly capture impurities in the water.
  6. Keep your Sanitizer Level at 3-5ppm. Shock your water once a week by applying the product into circulating water at the centre of the hot tub. This will help prevent the growth of algae and bacteria.
  7. Use Beachcomber Soft. Keep your water balanced for longer during the winter.


Following these simple steps on a regular basis will help keep your water clean and balanced for the winter months!


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